Do Think to Outdo

(A supposed company essay-writing entry.)

Outthinking, outdoing. This is Convergys’ slogan. Highly regarded for its excellence, & widely popularized by its standards, Convergys has become somewhat of a legend in the industry, and with it, the responsibility to uphold the name it has created for itself over the short period of time from when it started operating. Be that as it may, Convergys has now imparted upon itself the difficult task of quality control. It may not seem much, but maintenance is actually a much harder challenge than it presents itself to be. So how does the company keep up with the everchanging problems of daily operation?

Thinking perfected by doing, & doing perfected by thinking. This is the Convergys way. Or at least the ideal company’s way. Meticulously speaking, perfection is impossible, not to mention unattainable. This is a known reality. Yet Convergys has proven its worth, not by aiming for perfection, but for standardization, for control. By eliminating perfection as an option, it actually becomes perfection in its own right.

To think before acting is what the company imparts on its associates, while still ensuring that their acts remain deeds of a working mind. Ingeniously imagined, this connotes the continuous utilization of the mind, as it so commonly chooses to deteriorate over daily abuse in fields of operations. This, in turn, allows for close proximity between that of quality and efficiency. Numerous problems arise in the work environment daily. This mentality ensures that the workforce tries to minimize such problems from recurring, if not from happening at all. It is a continuous learning process.

Although I have not experienced any problem that majorly affected the effectiveness of the organization, more evidence it seems that the workplace is closely monitored, I find that it is not the larger picture that we should be looking at but the more minute details, unto which the picture structures its foundation. By ensuring that the simple things are accounted for, the workforce makes preventive measures which eliminates the need to deal with larger, more difficult problems later on. Even fixing a broken phone immediately can help improve the organization’s productivity. A lot of times I myself have had some problems locating a usable phone upon the start of my shift. Ensuring and accommodating for such a small and simple detail would not only eliminate the pre-shift hustle and bustle, but would also get the organization closer to 100% effectivity. In business, time is always of the essence, and every minute lost always accounts for an equivalent monetary amount. And what business in its right mind would choose to allow losses to be incurred without any compensation whatsoever? The main idea, after all, of any business organization is to generate greater profit than that of its losses.

To sum it up, there is no one scenario that I can specifically identify and pinpoint with which the organization exemplified exceptional operation, what with the short time I have worked here. However, it is my own understanding that excellence, in whatever aspect, is accomplished through the people who work for its achievement. So Convergys, to me, has exemplified excellence in its operation when it lucked out and hired the right kind of people. For it is through the people, those who withstand and work under the daily demands of the workplace, those that actually and continuously choose to use their wits and common sense to play to their strengths and maximize their potentials, those that have the integrity and dedication to work incessantly, productively and wholeheartedly, and finally those people that work together as one team with a common goal, that Convergys actually maintains the excellence in operation it so truly deserves. It is a two-way relationship where both parties learn to give and take from each other for the sake of producing and delivering actual, feasible, and tangible results.

Working for Convergys has allowed me of the privilege of realizing a very important work ethic: the workplace is not a playground. It is not to be taken lightly & it should not be compared to any sort of playful rendezvous. And in spite of the severity of it all, it is always safe, if not a necessity, to admit to oneself that the workplace is not perfection. It ironically is like a sheltered child, constantly needing parental attention, or a delicate mechanism requiring the employment of continuous maintenance. I took it upon myself to notice such observations not for the sake of it, but to realize the beauty of it all, amidst all imperfection, the beauty that is the company’s organization. For the beauty here is not the company’s aesthetic implications, but what it does and what it can potentially accomplish, and what it tries to achieve. This, to me, is how every business organization should operate – with excellence.


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 15, 2005.

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