Old Poems Die Hard…

Woe Is Me
by moi

Although I jest,
I am no fool.
I know it’s just an act.
For beneath the masks
Of laughter and friendship,
Lies the plain and painful fact.

I love you.
I know I do,
And that I can no longer deny.
For I have been hiding
For the longest time being
Pretending I was your ally.

And now, I fear,
Friendship will no longer suffice.
My sanity, I feel it slipping.
For when each agonizing day passes,
And every lonely night transcends,
My heart, it keeps on falling.

But despite my lies,
My friendship was true
And it shall remain so until forever.
Because death shall befall upon meIf I lose you twice;
As a love, and as a friend, altogether.

My secret, it has been let out,
That my poor, poor heart fell so deeply.
And now that the truth has been revealed,
I hope and I pray to God almighty,
That you, dearly beloved, take me seriously.
For if you leave, I fear I won’t survive,
Though I know a friend is all how you’ll see me.
But what more if you decide to return the favor,
By putting a nasty little joke on me,
And break my heart into a hundred and fifty?

Woe is me.


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 19, 2005.

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