Smoking Men in Jackets Mean Danger

Have you ever woken up with a feeling, that feeling in your gut that tells you, today, something awful will happen? Today was one of those days. The sun blazed brightly, the minute I stepped out of our condominium building. And as my eyesight adjusted to the brightness, I remember putting my hand up to shield them. I quickly rummaged in the deep recesses of my pockets for my sunglasses…

Right before I put on my aviator shades, I know I caught the eye of a man. He struck me as a bit odd, as he was wearing a jacket amidst the intense summer heat. But to each his own, I guess. He was smoking, and was casually leaning against the wall. I thought him a regular by-stander, and paid no mind.

I started to trek my routine walk towards the office. Of course, as is the norm with my hair, it catches whatever slight breeze is blowing that day, and falls down my face, annoying the hell out of me. I stopped by this building whose windows reflect a great deal, almost like a mirror. I started to fix my hair, even when I knew it would be pointless. While my mind was preoccupied, a small flicker of movement caught my eye. It was a cigarette butt, being flung down the paved sidewalk. I looked up to the source, and was a bit taken aback when I saw another man wearing the same jacket. That definitely seemed out of the ordinary. I became even more suspicious when I noticed the man looking directly at me. I casually looked to my right, down the street I just came from, and was flabbergasted when my suspicions proved correct. There, just a couple of buildings away, was the same man from a while ago. He was following me. I immediately hastened my pace. I needed to get to the office fast; only then will I feel safe again. I could feel the presence of the two men following me from behind among the masses of people along the street. I was starting to panic.

I looked up, just in time to see another man wearing the same jacket block my path ahead. God, they were everywhere! I quickly ducked around the corner, in the hopes of losing them. But no such luck. I could hear the men’s shuffling feet as they quickened their pace to catch up. I knew at once I was in trouble, because I had unknowingly veered into a fairly deserted street. The height of the buildings blocked the sun’s light, and the masses of people are gone. It was only me, and the men behind me.

I broke into a run, but so did the men behind me. I ran, and I ran some more. They merely followed suit. Sweat now drenched my clothes almost to transparency, with every heaving step I took. Still, I kept running. I was almost there. I could already see my office’s building.

All of a sudden, I felt hands snag at my arms, pinning them to my side. One of the men had caught up. His grip was strong, and I couldn’t, for the life of me, break free. I struggled. Fending him off the best I could with whatever pitiful strength I could muster against his brawn. I could hear his comrades nearing. In about two minutes, they would catch up with us and I will be left with nothing but to face my doom. I struggled more, and this time it seemed to have worked. I broke free of his grasp, and ran as fast as my legs would allow. I could tell he was right behind me.

I was merely a building away, when I heard tires screeching wildly. A car was heading towards me with fury. I looked at the driver like he was insane, but to my surprise, he was one of the “jackets” as well. In my panicked daze, I blindly dashed to my right, just as I heard the car ram itself to the nearby wall. The collision was loud and the crash echoed across the empty street. I slowly stood up. Smoke billowed out from under the car’s dented hood. There was shattered glass everywhere. But I knew that I was safe. I had made it to the building. I reached into my pocket for me cellphone. I quickly browsed its contents, just to make sure that the “file” was still there. I knew this was what they were after, and it cannot fall in the wrong hands. There was too much at stake…

My breathing was hard, and my heart was pounding. I looked up, just as the same car drove by without a scratch on it. The driver was looking at me funny. I smiled as I turned to go inside the building. Sometimes, just for the heck of it, I let my imagination get the best out of me in these routine walks.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 27, 2006.

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