The Pondering of Drew Carey

I was watching the last episode of Tru Calling, which happened to be one of my favorite shows at the time, one lonely Tuesday evening, when Star World suddenly interrupted it with a Drew Carey Show commercial. I didn’t get to start the show, but luckily, Tru, the lead character (duh), has only just been asked by the cadaver for help, and her day had just rewound, so I hadn’t really missed much. Anyway, I was no more than mildly annoyed about the whole thing, but this one line in the commercial just struck me. Drew Carey was holding hands with some girl in a diner, apparently lost in the girl’s eyes. The scene was made so that the audience will see that he was in love. Meanwhile, for comedic purposes (after all, the show is a comedy), the outside world was ironically the opposite. Seemingly unaware of the riot going on just outside the diner’s large window, despite all the people fighting and flying all over the place, police car sirens blaring, lights flashing, car alarms alarming (*rawr*), the whole world literally crumbling to its demise, he manages to just sit there, and gaze lovingly at the girl’s eyes still. And after a minute’s worth of dramatic pause, he finally delivers his one line: “Do you ever get the feeling that all over the world, people are falling in love?”

Now, I had to smile at that. Then I had to go “aawww”. And only then did I decide (yes, it was a decision, for I battled with it for a couple of minutes inside my head) to ponder on his query. And so I asked myself, have I ever felt like the whole world was falling in love?

The answer came simply. Yes, I have felt like the whole world was falling in love. Unfortunately, I wasn’t falling in love with it. Yep, once again the world has somehow managed to deliberately leave me behind unawares. Boo, hoo, and hoo…


~ by iamnotfrodo on March 2, 2006.

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