She’s Effing Fourteen, People!

They say that some people were born great, while others have greatness thrust upon them. Clearly, this mere child of fourteen, whose undeniable talent just escapes my ever-present skepticism, is a perfect example of having greatness for a birthright. And based on what I’ve heard so far, it’s almost impossible not to get a visionary glimpse of what the world has in store for her in the future.

It’s sad that, here I am, eight years her senior, and still, I have yet to experience a mere fraction of such greatness. It makes one wonder, that for people like me who are obviously not blessed with greatness, will greatness ever be thrust upon our hands, that we may get to experience a small amount of it in the least? I’d certainly like to think that even just once in my short life on this planet, I could be great. Unfortunately, with the way things are looking in life right now, it’s easier to lose any sense of hope I could ever expend for such a daydream. And, really, is that not the question we need to be asking ourselves? How long should we sit idly by, waiting for things to happen in our lives? It’s no wonder some people choose to lead a life of ‘no apologies’. As James Dean once said, “Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” So if we’re tired of feeling helpless and hopeless, and just practically this pathetic in life, should we really go out and about looking for these so-called great things in the world, and actually make it happen ourselves? I guess the obvious answer would be ‘yes’. But is it really that simple? It’s certainly easy to surmise that in theory, yes it’s that simple. But as constant as the beating of our hearts, we are always reminded that life is never easy; it’s always complicated to the point that we merely search for the loopholes just to get by. It’s unfair, is what it is. And it’s the same with greatness. After all, it’s either you were born with it, or you were handed it. So for people like me, unblessed in the ways of fate and karma, is it still that simple? Or is greatness simply too great to grasp and fathom?


~ by iamnotfrodo on May 18, 2007.

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