All Pinoy Reject: An Unfathomable Act of Sheer Gross-ness

Several days ago, I had the liberty of rejecting this friend request from this jologs stranger-guy who’s over in Cebu. Why, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that I don’t know him, his primary photo was a picture of a very thin and drug induced-looking Aaron Carter, and his ‘Photos’ contained nothing more than inapropriate pictures of desperate chicks in various states of undress. His profile also revealed that he doesn’t have a clear grasp on English grammar. Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll show you. ^_^

Hobbies and Interests: Will just only listening music, tambay with friends and making friend with good personality (“Will just only”? What the hell does that mean? And his hobbies include “making friend” with Good Personality. I believe the big question is, who is Good Personality? His parents must really hate him if they named him that. Perhaps they were afraid he would turn out to have a BAD personality, so they named him the opposite instead in the hopes that he wouldn’t.)

Favorite Books: hmmmn……..maybe interesting books (Clearly, he likes to over-use ‘the ellipses’.)

Favorite Movies: friction move lang……… (Oh yeah, “Friction Move” was a really good imaginary movie. Yeah, I heard about it. It got really rave reviews from imaginary critics…)

Favorite Music: pop and all kind of music that is very comfortable and suit in my personality (Yeah, some kindS of music are just too darned firm, others, too darned soft. When picking music, you always look for the ones that are just right in terms of comfort.)

Favorite TV Shows: hhhhhhhmmmmmm la lang……. (Now, that was a particularly long ‘hmm’. I’m assuming that meant he was thinking, right? I wonder how long it took him to come up with “la lang”? In his defense, maybe there are a lot of TV shows over in Cebu that it took him a really long time to mentally gauge every single one, before figuring out that he didn’t like any one show enough to be called his favorite.)

About Me: Just see me in person para you know me better……… (Apparently, this person’s physical appearance is enough basis to instantaneously know him better.)

Who I Want to Meet: Hi friendssss………… if u want me to know better just add me. friends tau hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (‘Nuff said.)

And it must be true what they say about birds of the same feather flocking together, because his testimonials sound like his friends also snuck out on English 101. Honestly, they all sound like the rowdy Pinoy-ghetto bunch trying to be street. Here’s a sample *shivers*:

watz up dude!!!!!!
keep up your good deeds!

(This is probably that Good Personality person that he was talking about in his hobbies! ROTFL)

Kidding aside, I really am still baffled as to why this person would invite me. I’m afraid to even think of the reasons. As the bitchy cheerleader in A Cinderella Story once said, “We are from completely different classes of human.” Apparently, in some cases, this holds true.


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 8, 2007.

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