A Taste of Little Italy

Thursday last week I had my friend Giselle take me to the famed Amici for one of our power lunches, as I’ve never been. Amici, more accurately Amici di Don Bosco, is a restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine, but at reasonable Filipino prices. It is probably for this reason alone that everyone who’s ever eaten there had nothing but great raves about their dining experience in the establishment. Said establishment is located by the Don Bosco School along Arnaiz Ave. in Makati City. Sources (and by sources I meant the acquaintance of my friend’s friend) say that it is run and managed by the Italian priests of the same school.

Amici boasts of very minimal decor and that, together with the rather harsh lighting, all but creates quite a homey “cafeteria” ambience. They make up for it by adding Italian accents here and there, and is completed with classical background music for effect. The result is a completely warm and welcoming atmosphere that prevents guests from feeling the least bit intimidated, which makes perfect sense since Amici is Italian for ‘friends’.

My friend and I ordered pasta. Lasagna for my friend, and the spinach pasta for me. I forget the name, it was very hard for me to pronounce ergo I ordered my sordid little brain to just forget about it. And I know that as a self-confessed carnivore I would never order anything with “spinach”, but I was feigning “dieting” in front of my friend (since I’ve gotten tubby), not to mention that by doing so I could delude myself into thinking that I was finally eating something healthy like “salad”. *shivers* As I was saying, we ordered pasta. We weren’t exactly on “binge-mode” that day, otherwise we probably would have ordered pizza as well (which we promised ourselves to do exactly the next time we drop by). But it was a good idea we didn’t, as the pasta dishes alone were really heavy. Sure they were dripping in fat. Sure they were completely smothered in herbs. But that’s how you tell they’re authentic. Our orders were very simple pasta dishes made very filling, and very rich in flavor. I couldn’t even eat the pepperoni in my dish as they were too spicy, and I’m weak when it comes to spicy foods (my throat swells up, okay?). Overall, I actually thought it was better than Italianni’s. And that’s saying a lot since Italianni’s is one of my two favorite restaurants (it’s tied with Fish & Co.). The best part is that it’s at half the price. And while their portion sizes were smaller than that of Italianni’s (of course I could tell), the dishes were just as filling and packed just as much flavor, if not more.

And of course we had dessert. I mean, how could you not? Who wouldn’t buy ‘gelato’ when it’s right there in your face, all colorful and flavorful and beckoning, just as you’re placing your order at the cashier? I swear to God those people have a bit of a strategy going on there.  At forty bucks a pop, I actually found the ‘gelato’ quite expensive, and for such a small portion too. But it also tasted very authentic for some reason, so that kind of made up for it. I don’t get that either. It didn’t taste like regular ice cream, that’s for sure. Or it could be that since everything there feels authentic, the mentality somehow rubbed off on the frozen treat, instead of you thinking that you’ve been robbed. But what the heck, it was for the Italian experience. My friend had pistacchio (I actually prefer Yellow Cab’s, then again, theirs isn’t exactly ‘gelato’ *grins*), while I had the rum & nuts one. I don’t really like rum, but it was the only one with alcohol. Plus it had another hard-to-pronounce name, so I was pretty much drawn to it from the beginning. They were both very good endings to a great meal. So good, in fact, that my friend had to order a chocolate one in an even bigger container. And she has the nerve to bitch about how she’s getting fat, sheesh!

My entire meal at Amici di Don Bosco even cost less than what I’d normally spend at Sbarro (my favorite fast food restaurant), so hell yeah it’s a great restaurant! Who knew a little piece of Italy would be so cheap?



~ by iamnotfrodo on September 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Taste of Little Italy”

  1. You made it sound so good that i wanna try and eat there at this very moment…. T_T

  2. so what’s stopping you?

  3. hey, which giselle? dont tell me sanchez haha. first time ive been here, binyag hehe

  4. gi-zelle, da frrench beetch!! lolz… got it from coupling…

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