Recent life updates I wanna share but am too lazy to write about in length with pseudo-intellectual depth:

1. These days, I feel that emotion that is a tad stronger than ‘depressed’ over the fact that I am the most serious Fall Out Boy fan I know among the very few people I am acquainted with, and yet the one time, the one time, that they’re gonna be in Manila, I can’t be there, just because I am unemployed and broke, and I’m such an effing goody-goody to demand “gimik” money from the ‘rent. This is treason, I tell you, treason! Ugh… *cries*


2. Speaking of mother, I cannot believe she is attending graduate school, in Ateneo, even! Can someone, please, just tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Gad, the guilt is just devouring me as we speak, or blog, whatever!

3. I think I need glasses. *sighs* Sucks, I know.

4. I got myself a new game, the third and final installment to the .hack//G.U. series — Redemption. It’s pretty much preventing me from doing anything else these days. Can’t wait to finally finish it.

5. Joining the ranks of Stranger Than Fiction as my favorite movie is Cashback, a british flick. Note to self: update Friendster account.

6. Congrats to the beautiful Katherine Heigl for winning her Outstanding Supporting Actress In a Drama Series Emmy. I knew sooner or later they’d recognize her talent. I mean, c’mon, that  story arc with Denny? I really felt for her character when he died…


7. Two things I find so adorable over the internetz lately: Miss Teen South Carolina royally effing up in her Q&A, and lolcats. ^_^


~ by iamnotfrodo on September 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Eh…”

  1. thats it? what happened to your lengthy entries??

  2. hence, the intro. duh. lol

  3. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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