The Price of MY Happiness

Today was a Nescafe day for me.

As I underwent the tedium of paying our cable and electric bills at SM’s Customer Service department, I was once again struck with the realization of how boring my life was. The line to the cashier was long and, might I add, socially perilous. But I had no choice, as the bills were both due today. And so, with as much resolve and patience as I could muster, I stood there, and waited for my turn.

I guess by now you’re wondering, if I had such an awful day, what made it a Nescafe day, when the very idea of having a Nescafe day was that of waking up to a good morning?

The answer, my dear reader, lies within what chicks call… drum roll please… “retail therapy.” The first time this notion was brought to my attention, I thought it was nothing more than a sorry excuse for denying that ‘shopaholics’ have a problem. But there I was, finding myself darwn to the shoe sale at Fila. Some intervening force beckoned me towards the sign that screamed at every passer-by in bold red digits “50% off!”. The fact that they also had fanciful little triangular flags in Italian colors, and an Italian sign that said something about Italian sweepstakes (it turned out to be a dud, but whatev), might have also added to the the invisible magnetic force of it all. And so instead of trudging the long walk home, I found myself examining the shoe selection. This was perfect since I had been itching to buy some new rubber shoes, as the ones I use for jogging (yes, I jog you assholes!) is an old ill-fitting pair.

So I tried on a display shoe…

It fit.

I looked at the tag price…

It went down to Php 1,800.00.

Hell yeah, I bought it. ^_^


C’mon, a pair of rubber shoes for men at under two thousand bucks is a steal!

As I extricated (with much effort, mind you) the needed number of bills from my wallet to pay for my purchase, I realized that I was smiling for the first time today. As unbelievable as it sounds, retail therapy indeed proved effective.

The price of MY happiness is 50% off of retail merchandise.

But as I happily made my way home, I realized I had enough cash leftover for some more purchases. And so I ended up buying a vest, and some flip-flops. I spent Php 2,900.00 in total. Not bad for someone who’s unemployed and broke.


When I got home, I received a text message that said I was invited to an interview this coming Monday.

Yep, today was not at all bad. Nope, not bad at all.

And even though it was already late in the afternoon, I still felt like it was a Nescafe day.


~ by iamnotfrodo on September 29, 2007.

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