Musings of an Insomniac

Recently, my insomnia kicked in once again. It cost me two, read, TWO very decent interviews already. Damn you, Call Center Industry! Damn you!

But anyway, the thing that I hate with being an insomniac is that I can never find anything during the wee hours of the night to amuse me. See, I do all my slacker stuff (i.e. DVD, PlayStation, etc.) during the day, since I’m a bum and all, so by nightfall, I’m usually left with nothing but dinner and sleep. My insomnia totally throws everything off course.

Probably driven by sheer boredom and whatnot, I just spent the whole of last night updating my lyrics blog (“ctrl+i”; see blogroll, as I’m too lazy to hyperlink). Now, I don’t exactly know why I even bother to do this blog since, let’s face it, it’s quite pointless, but I just realized, that thing will never ever get done. There are just way too many darned songs out there that I like. I’m actually dreading to do F.O.B., since I love all of their songs, and I just know that would take me like, forever.

I think I should maybe see someone who could maybe give me some drugs for next time… *laughs maniacally*

“That” would be sOo much better than doing this sh*t.


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 11, 2007.

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