Indifferent No Longer

I realize that I haven’t pitched in my two cents regarding the whole Desperate Housewives issue, and even though it’s a tad late, I’m bored. So I might as well do it.

First and foremost, get off yer freakin’ high horses!

 I think the problem with our community is that we think too highly of ourselves, when in reality, most of us are all talk anyway. Take a look around. We act as if we’re so offended by a single passing remark on some TV show that belittled our doctors’ academic aptitude, but do we honestly believe that our reaction to such trivialities bodes well on other people’s perception of our intelligence? Clearly, what with the way we’ve chosen to respond to what has happened, we are but too proud egotists who are unable to understand and appreciate satiric comedy. This is the twenty-first century, people. Get with the program already, for crying out loud!

This whole issue had just blown out of proportion, and to have brought it into the light of such media frenzy, doesn’t anyone think that we’re all being hypocritical about it in the first place? I mean, it’s not like our educational system is actually top notch. And where do we get off being so self-righteous, when it is a well-known fact among us Filipinos that we love to make fun of other people? And on a daily basis, even! And come on, the people responsible for this unfortunate incident already apologized. Granted, I thought the whole crap about them being the leading network in promoting diversity, blah, blah, blah is mostly bullsh*t, but nonetheless, it still warrants as a formal statement of apology. How and when did we get to be so high and mighty that we actually have the nerve to demand more? And why do we even have it in for Teri Hatcher, when she’s nothing more than a paid actor whose job is to say her character’s lines from a given script?

Sure, that passing comment on their TV show was downright crass and insulting. Big deal! So our egos are a little bruised. Big f*ckin’ deal! We’re still here, and the world didn’t end. Meanwhile our suffering citizens are losing their hard-earned cash to incredibly high taxes that simply get squandered into the pockets of selfish politicians who are too concerned with “image”, instead of the betterment of, oh I don’t know, say our educational system? If we really want other nations to give us the respect that we deserve, if we want them to see us as an equal, we need to start proving them wrong by showing the world that we are indeed capable of progress. If we really are as smart as we claim to be, then show it. Just f*ckin’ show it. We shouldn’t engage in low blows and petty insults. Remember, actions speak louder than words.


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 12, 2007.

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