“I am not a born writer.”

A  statement a friend once said in her editorial for the college journal which will forever remain etched in my memory, as it easily applies to the writer in me. Because the truth of the matter is, I suck as a writer. Which is really bad if you want to publish a book. And I do. Which is why I suck. See, aside from the fact that I can never come up with interesting storylines, I just can’t seem to finish anything. Hey, maybe I should just publish a book full of drafts! I can call it “Chapter Ones” or something. Lolz! ^_^

Anyway, as a tribute to my sucky-ness, I decided to post all my drafts. They’re mostly all chapter ones (hence the title of my future book), some even unfinished. Be surprised if you find a latter post with chapter twos. Be very surprised… Or at least act it. Especially when you find that I just combined materials from my other drafts to continue a story. Hehe, what can I say? I’m lazy, and I suck as a writer.

But I digress. Here are all my drafts. They’re not many, and they’re all very, very short. But be nice, okay? I’m fragile, I don’t respond well to criticisms. *cheeky grin*

Restrain Your Fervor for Melancholy – Chapter One/Any Given Thursday

The Boy Who Cried “Hope!” – Chapter One/Evanescence 

Arcana – Prologue

Arcana – Book One/Chapter One

Arcana – Book One/Chapter Two

Hollow Men – Chapter One/Sobriety


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 14, 2007.

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