Friggin’ Plagiarists, Booo!!!


…wait for it… 


My old Blogger account,   which went by an even older name “DeConstruction…”, and which was under my previous alias/URL “dcthecreekster”, has been plagiarized by one VmJKrSIT! (No, I will not post a link here, what are you, nuts??)

What sucks more is that my post, Dc vs. The Collections Agent, Round 1, is “apparently” posted there several days earlier than mine, which makes it seem like *I’m* the one who did the plagiarizing! Google search results are also revealing the blog to hold my older post titles, but I was not able to view them properly like The Collections Agent.



Dammit, I’m the one who freakin’ wrote that godamn post! And I don’t even have any readers! What the hell could they possibly want to plagiarize my stuff for? It’s not like that’s gonna generate them countless hits.

Ugh. Has anyone ever had this experience? What did you do? I’m a dinosaur, so all I was really able to do was flag the stupid site, and e-mail a really long letter to people who I believe to be the Blogger developers. I really hope that as humble and insignificant as my blog is, they’d do something about it… *fingers crossed*


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 24, 2007.

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