“I Am (Not) Beowulf!!!”

I’m a huge Angelina Jolie fan. I have a big crush on her. But it was really my friend, an exponentially bigger fan, who got me interested in her in the first place. Now, everytime she comes out with a movie, we just have to see it.


So last Saturday, we went and saw her newest flick, Beowulf. Imagine our surprise when we realized Angelina was hardly in the movie. It was a great role (an almost nude water demon/dragon, sweet!), but it was rather disappointing how few her scenes were in the movie. I blame the trailer-making people, they completely hyped her up. My friend said that based on the interwebs, she didn’t even get to act alongside most of the cast, which is understandable since she was with one guy (Beowulf) in all her scenes. In case anyone was wondering, the actors did act. They just wore body suits with those dotted thingies on them.



angelina as queen of darkness



I was also quite surprised to learn that Beowulf was actually an animated movie, which is stupid, as I came to realize afterwards, since everyone else knew. But seriously, up until the time I watched the movie, I thought it was something similar to 300 where only “some” parts of the film were CGI. Although I must say, props to Warner Brothers for the amazing rendering and other sh*t. While my friend thinks the animation seemed too “game-y”, I thought it was, by far, the best I’ve seen. Of course, that’s not saying that there were no kinks that needed working on. The faces did seemed rigid at times, as some of the body movements too. They need to be more fluid or something, ’cause if it was a real movie, they were some pretty bad actors. But compared to the stuff that we’ve seen in the past, Beowulf definitely takes the top spot in my book.

I think another factor why I enjoyed this movie so much is the story. Sure the bad acting usually got in the way, sure the dialogue mostly sounded like jargon, sure the plot wasn’t as intense as 300 like I expected, but overall, it was still good epic movie-material. And unlike other epic movies, which quite frankly I thought were snooze-fests, this animated epic movie afforded a few sniggers every now and then. My friend and I kept laughing over how we thought Beowulf was such a nudist whore. Seriously, he took off his clothes every chance he got, despite the freezing weather and amidst fighting demons. Beowulf’s really not your typical hero. He’s not noble in the slightest. In fact he’s a treacherous liar. And he shouted “I am Beowulf!” an awful lot. I didn’t really get that. Anyway, I never read the book, but from what I got from the movie, he seemed like a viking or something, so a noble Beowulf would’ve been unrealistic and probably wouldn’t work as much.

Ooh, I almost forgot to mention all the gore. The demon ripping bodies to shreds, whenever he wasn’t chewing on them, was rather enjoyable to watch…


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 18, 2007.

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