McDonald’s McDelivers McDuring McD’etat

By now, I’m pretty sure the world is aware of the attempted coup that happened in Makati City today. I think Jessica Zafra best summed it up when she said in her blog, “The old triple whammy. Earthquake followed by typhoon followed by coup attempt. Do you know of any other countries where coup attempts are staged from luxury hotels?”

My point exactly. It was really quite comical to see the tank trying to ram itself in Manila Peninsula Hotel’s lobby. I don’t know much about current events and sh*t, because quite frankly I’m just bored with it, but I really don’t get how these pesky politicians think and function. What good could this have possibly done to us anyway? Oh and also, is this where my taxes have been going? Someone please tell me, because if so, I want out.


As for the rest of us who actually did have work, I could not stress how much of an inconvenience this whole thing has been. Sure we got to go home early, but the travel home wasn’t exactly pleasant. See, my condominium is conveniently located beside Makati’s major interconnected malls (which includes Glorietta, the one that was recently bombed), and it’s very near the city’s luxury hotels, such as Manila Peninsula Hotel. So naturally, since that’s where the action is, my area became almost inaccessible. Cabs are then out of the picture. I decided to take the bus home. The bus ride would end at the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) station, which is connected to one of the malls. My usual route here would be to cross all the malls, and eventually end up in my place. But all my usual routes were barricaded. And I had to take the looong walk way home. You know, there’s something relatively alarming when you come across what was probably the entire working class of Makati City, all briskly walking in one direction, and then there’s you, going against human traffic flow! Not to mention that it’s pouring rain. Okay, so maybe it was just drizzling, but to me, wet is wet.

Tired, wet, and slightly disoriented, I finally reached my building. I’m a fatty, so the long walk home amounted to a fair bit of exercise, which basically translates to me becoming famished. I’m also lazy. So to say that there would be food or groceries at home would be a complete and utter lie! I usually live on dining out, deliveries, and take-aways. But again, because I’m in the area where all the armed men and blockades and what-nots are (I never listen to news so I don’t know the jargon and sh*t), everywhere is closed and no one would dare deliver.

Guess what saved me from a night of possible starvation?


That’s right, McDonald’s! Now, I’m beyond sick of the fast food restaurant by this point since I’ve probably eaten McDonald’s at least once every day. But believe me when I say that it was the ONLY ONE open around the perimeter, and that just made me love it all over again! I mean come on, to work amidst all the chaos is risky, not to mention dangerous. So that meant they have guts. And being the only one open, it was REALLY great for business. So that meant they’re geniuses! And really, business was pouring in, with lines reaching even outside the door. Apparently, us city folk just don’t really bother with too much groceries. We’re programmed to simply go down our buildings, and walk the few short minutes that it takes towards the nearby establishments that could easily satisfy even our most basic needs. Of course, given the situation, the cashier person majorly screwed up the orders. But I had to give it to her since servicing all those people for one day could not have been very fun and must have been tiring for anybody. So the experience wasn’t exactly perfect. But my hunger was satiated, and that’s all that matters since I’m selfish and the world revolves around me, so kudos to McDonald’s!

Meanwhile, only one person checked up on my safety and well-being for today. Two things have become very clear to me now, I’m not loved, and Blanch is a true, true, true friend…


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 29, 2007.

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