Sick Days and Rainy Days…

Things I did while stuck on bed rest for 2 days because I was sick-o, besides sleep and eat soup, that is:

1) Played Final Fantasy X. Finally got around to playing the stupid game. For some reason it just never ocurred to me that I just needed to buy a new disc when the old one didn’t work. Anyway, having played Final Fantasy XII first before playing this one, it made the whole experience feel like such a drag since the graphics of FFXII are absolutely out of FFX’s league. And to think that I was so bummed that I never got around to playing the game. I really thought I missed out or something. The story’s not so great either. I thought FFXII was already a snooze, only made bearable by the stunning graphics, but FFX was not much of a step up over mediocre role-playing games out in the market. No matter what other people say, I have to say that I still like FFVIII the best. I’m still wishing they’d do a second version or something…


2) Saw two movies on DVD. Yes, I know that’s not much to brag about, but I slept for the most part of my two-day absence from work.

I finally saw Superbad, which for some unknown reason no one wanted to see with me on the big screen (I’m still regretting it), and One More Chance. Yep, your eyes aren’t being deceived, I really did watch the local flick.


First, Superbad; stars Jonah Hill (Seth), Michael Cera (Evan), and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“McLovin”) as three high school friends who were out to get booze in the hopes of getting girls drunk at some senior party and ultimately get devirginized. Now, I thought it was hella funny! I couldn’t stop laughing over some parts (i.e. the part where Jonah couldn’t stop drawing d*cks as a kid, and how Christopher got the name “McLovin”, or even the part where it was revealed that the movie was much more than just about sex and turned into a sappy friendship/brokeback-ish film where Jonah and Michael started saying “I love you,” to each other). The casting was great, mainly because the actors were so believable as the characters that they portrayed. As for the acting, I really thought Jonah Hill did splendidly in his role. I could almost feel his desperation with every single time his plans to get alcohol gets foiled by outside forces. Unfortunately, as much as I loved this movie, I can’t say that it beats the hell out of American Pie in reference to the high-school-kids-desperately-trying-to-get-laid genre.


Next, One More Chance; stars John Lloyd Cruz as Popoy, an engineer, and Bea Alonzo as Basya (weird name, I know), an architect. Now, I am not, in any way or form, the type who watches these sap-filled Star Cinema romantic dramas. But weirdly enough, I’ve heard a lot of people say that it was really good. And, well, curiosity got the better of me. I must say, that even when I was bored with it halfway through, it wasn’t as vomit-inducing as I thought it to be. I wouldn’t go as far as say I enjoyed it, or that I foound it nice, since the overscoring was driving me to the brink of insanity, but it really wasn’t as boring as that Sandara Park movie I last saw (and slept through, might I add), which, by the way, is really sad for a comedy. In short, I didn’t hate the movie, I just didn’t like it enough. Although I did hate that thing that was above John Lloyd’s upper lip in one part of the movie. *shivers*


~ by iamnotfrodo on December 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sick Days and Rainy Days…”

  1. Would you believe, i actually went to the premier night of “one more chance” My Old Officemate had free tickets. hahahaha and i found some parts of the movie it funny.

  2. ew. haha! u’r jologs pala ha…

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