I Dream of Coffee Shop

I have plans of putting up my own coffee shop someday. It’s what I said in my interview for when I was trying to get into college, and of course, when I backed that sentence up with my exceptionally eloquent explaining skills (a friend once said I tend to be more verbose than average in professional convo), I got accepted. Lolz…

Now, about my coffee shop. I already have a “general” idea of how it would look like, and a “general” plan for the menu. Nothing specific or anything, just random stuff that’s going on inside my head. It  will involve almost everything that I’m interested in — art, photography, music, conceptualization, and an air of obsessive compulsiveness towards general orderliness (at least in the beginning, lol!). Note that they’re more geared towards the aesthetics of the place, and not really about the food or the coffee. I like food, and I like cold caffeinated beverages, but I’m more concerned about the things I mentioned. Yeah, I really should’ve taken a different major in college. Even the people I meet all think I took up Communication Arts. Given the chance to do it all over again, I would probably go for Advertising Arts, though. But that’s a different topic altogether. As for the coffee shop, I was supposed to name it “The Fedora — Coffee Shop & Pattiserie”. I named it after the hat which inspired me with an entire concept for the place.

logo draft

Today, as I laxly watched Nickelodeon’s Fairly Oddparents, I found a new name for my future coffee shop, “Cafe Noir” or something to that effect. I’m thinking I might turn it into a mellow club-like establishment, but I haven’t really given it much thought. But the concept will basically be the same. I want the guests to feel like they’ve stepped back in time to a film genre of shady detective agents in seedy downtown offices, and their sexy seductive clients. The windows will have partly shut blinds, with stark lighting outside rather than in, and large slowly-rotating ceiling fans to give it that striation of shadows inside, and a meant-for-dirty-business ambience. The baristas would all be wearing fedoras and vests, for an old-fashioned pub-like feel. The interiors and furnishings would be awash with gray and sepia hues, accentuated with a pop of vibrant red here and there, but mostly a dramatic contrast of blacks and whites (like I said, I want my guests to feel like they’ve stepped in a black and white world). There would be a wall that’s painted black on a far wall, maybe by the rest rooms, where people can leave comments and notes, and the staff could post pictures of famous people who’ve visited the place. There would be artistic black and white photographs on the walls of beatiful women in flapper dresses (is that right? I don’t really know much about women’s clothes), singers using the old, stainless microphone, and lovers sharing a cup of coffee, and many others. There would be a wall right by the entrance with a blown up black and white picture of a bunch of paparazzi with flashing cameras so that the guests would feel like they’re celebrities. We’d give out promotional fedoras every now and then as part of promoting new drinks.

The furniture would be very classic American. The round tables will be square if not slightly rectangular. The centerpieces would be a pen holder or something you’d typically see in an office, and there would be desk lamps on each one. In special occassions (like Valentine’s), we’ll replace it with candles for a more romantic effect.

The menu will practically be the same with other coffee shops, except, instead of cute decadent pastries, we’ll serve various breads and doughnuts.

We would host “Acoustic Nights” or “Jazz Sessions”, maybe even amateur performances, stand-up comedy acts, or poetry readings. If I’m really ambitious, a baby grand piano would just be lovely by the window…

Aaahh! I’m sOoo excited! I wonder when this dream of mine will be realized?? Of course, I realize that I’m putting out there a concept I have yet to copyright, so in the event you stumble upon a coffe shop that resemble my Cafe Noir, just remember you read it here first. Jerks…


~ by iamnotfrodo on December 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “I Dream of Coffee Shop”

  1. Hey, aren’t you scared that someone might steal this idea from you? I mean your work was already plagiarized, what more something as creative as this?

  2. Why do you want me to leave a comment when you never approve any them to be actually posted? hehehehehehehe well whatev…heres my comment…..no comment. hehehehehheehehee

  3. to nmn, u’r so atat. wait lang, okay? lolz. unlike u, i don’t always get access to the interwubs. and fyi, i’ve only rejected one of ur comments, and it came with an explaination, so there. hehe…

    really?? u think my coffee shop concept is creative?? aww, shucks… *blushes*

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