Long Introduction for Nothing

“Loved The Abyss. That scene where Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio have to swim back to their vessel and they only have one suit and oxygen tank, and she tells him he’ll have to drown her and then revive her when they’re back in their own ship? That’s romantic.”– Jessica Zafra

My boss seemed to have gotten this crazy impression that I like to read business and self-help books — scratch that, she seemed to have gotten this crazy impression that I like to read. Period. Remembering how I said to her in my job interview that I wanted to penetrate the Marketing industry more so than Sales, she forced made me read her HUGE tattered book on Guerilla Marketing. I’m assuming it was a weak attempt to connect with me, since I’m generally aloof and standoffish. That, or the managers’ annual meeting is coming near, and she wanted to steal marketing strategies from me. Yeah, right. Like I’d really have any.

It took all my will power not to grimace in front of her when she handed me the HUGE book, especially since she has, from what I gather in office gossip, a “sharing” problem. The fact that she even offered to loan her book to me meant something. I just don’t know, and don’t really care, what.

A few days later, she asked me if I was finished reading her book. In my mind I was thinking, “Duh?! That’s a thick book, ma’am. No sane person can read that fast!” Of course, that translated out loud to, “I haven’t finished it yet, eh.” She then asked for the book back, as well as my opinin on it. I told her I only got to as far as a couple of chapters. Actually, I only read the introduction. It was really long, and it got boring really, really fast, you see. To sort of appease the begrudging expression on her face, I told her the story I read in the book about a tiny bookstore sitting between two giant bookstores, each having a sale. Their discount signs were larger than the tiny bookstore’s facade. The owner decides to put up his own sign, but his said, “Main Entrance.” And then I told my boss, “That’s marketing, right there!” I don’t think she understood it as well as I did.

She then proceeded to ask me what books I read. I told her I don’t really like to read. She gave me a weird look. I got the feeling she was beginning to think I’m an idiot, so I told her that I’m weird that way. I like to write, but I don’t like to read (I’m an only child, whose opinions should matter but mine, right?). I also told her I like to read fiction, which is partly true anyway, since I do only read fiction, though I don’t really see it as an enjoyable hobby to do regularly. I also told her that my favorite writer is Jessica Zafra, and that I’m a big fan of her writing.


It was then that my boss told me that she once met the acclaimed Filipino writer N.V.M Gonzales at some party. She asked him, “So sir, what do you think of Jessica Zafra’s writing?” Without missing a beat, the old geezer replied, “Nakakapagod tumingin sa madilim na lente.” (It’s tiring to look through dark lenses.)

My boss and I then proceeded to a lukewarm debate regarding Zafra’s darker outlook on things. I was pro-Zafra, of course. I told my boss that darker views carry much more truth than the politically correct standard. Sure, some people may find her thoughts blunt, maybe even offensive, but some people find them more in touch with reality than what you get from other writers. It’s all about perception…


~ by iamnotfrodo on December 17, 2007.

One Response to “Long Introduction for Nothing”

  1. hahahahah ur boss is weird…….i find zafra’s writing style a yawn…

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