Urged by Mommy Carmi (it’s her birthday), I agreed to tag along to Hard Rock Cafe last night, where the ancient local band Side A was playing. The place was surprisingly packed. I use the term “surprisingly” because I’m not a fan, and as such, I just can’t quite grasp how other people could possibly fathom their music. We were late, and unfortunately got seated in a booth table right beside the blaring speakers, where the vibrations were on full effect, and the only view of the stage that we had was profile.

One word to describe Side A in general: faggoty.


Sorry, I don’t normally use that word because it’s just god-awful, but it was the very first word that came to mind when I saw them at such close range. See, we were relatively close to the stage, and I could see the members quite clearly (that’s saying something since I’m near-sighted). They all looked like middle-aged metrosexuals, all trying their best to look hip. Their music, which was mostly sentimental, also seemed queer coming from grown men with carefully tousled and colored hair, even when they were singing Aerosmith, Maroon 5, and Daughtry covers.

Oh, well. Guess I’m just not a fan. But I have to say, for someone who’s been in the industry for a really, really long time (well, think early-mid 90’s), the voice of side A’s lead singer, Joey G., is still as strong as ever. Walang kupas, as they would say. And I have to admit that their performance does command a bit of power and respect as you listen to them play. It was all I could do to shout my lungs out to be heard above the loud din of the crowd, as they sang to the lyrics of the band’s most famous songs.

The entrance cost 600 bucks. It came with one consumable drink. The show lasted for about an hour and thirty minutes. When the show ended, Mommy Carmi told me (jokingly or otherwise), “There goes our 600.” She’s actually a huge fan.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 19, 2008.

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