Since starting my photography workshop in Filipinas Heritage Library (in front of The Peninsula Manila), I’ve learned a few things…

1. I have a red mole on my left cheek. Really, it’s red, not even reddish brown. Just red.

2. Canon is not the best camera brand after all, at least for digital SLR’s. I’ve heard people say that it has the best picture quality, but quality of pictures rely mostly on lenses, not in the body of the camera. Canon is comparable to that really popular kid back in high school. Everyone wants to be with it and be a part of the glamour associated with it, but then you throw it away for something better once your eyes have been opened to the world. Sure it’s a good brand for a camera, and truth be told, it does deliver in terms of performance (though other cameras just have more and better features), but I think everyone will agree with me that it’s too darned expensive. And while I own one (I’ve affectionatley named mine Schultz), if given the chance to turn back time, I’d opt for an Olympus, for the main reason that it sounds more reliable than Nikon (then again, it’s the lens that really matters, so who knows). I heard that you can even get an Olympus camera that already comes with a telephoto and a wide-angle lens, aside from the starter kit zoom lens, and for the price of my Schultz, I’d still have enough change for a month or two’s worth of shopping (wardrobe is a huge investment when you’re in sales)!

3. Photographer Jay Alonzo is an effing god! His pictures, which are awesome, are the epitome of the awesomeness that I strive for in my pictures!

4. I’m really not a techie person, and I should just accept that as it is. I’m having a hard time taking the lessons in. I still get thrown off conversation whenever they mention “aperture”. Oh, and I suck at application. I couldn’t even apply our white balance lecture on the assignment. And while my photo wasn’t half-bad (in my opinion, that is), it left much to be desired since I might as well have used the automatic setting and no one would be able to tell the difference. I dig this hobby, since high school actually. But now that I have the equipment and I’m actually doing it, I’m thinking that maybe I don’t have natural talent for it.


5. Speaking of natural talent, I hate sales! I hate that I’m so bad at it! I hate that other people are able to close deals except me! I really hope SM calls me back for a second interview, because at the rate I’m going, I’m gonna be hearing “You’re fired!” from my boss any day now.

6. What separates my current job from my previous jobs is the fact that for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I’ve made real friends. No offense to my few friends out there, but it’s really here that I felt like people actually like me. It’s probably what’s been holding me back from resigning (I already have a resignation letter ready). I’ve invested a lot, emotionally speaking, and I’d hate to say goodbye to my N.F.F.’s (New-Found Friends). But can I really live with the shame of knowing that there’s no room for growth in my job now? I want my unbridled creativity to remain unbridled, maybe even flourish. This job just makes me feel like I’m selling out, as the artist in me would like to think so.

7. My colleagues always say, “Tell it to the universe!” They believe in that sort of stuff. But lately, it got me thinking that maybe I, too, believe in that sort of stuff. One of my favorite expressions is, “The Cosmos must hate me!” It’s very fitting for when you’re having a bad day. You should try it sometime. And then there’s the “Aw, it’s not meant to be,” one, and of course, the all-time classic, “It’s a sign.” And while I use those simply for emphasis, I also believe in chance and opportunity and luck. And aren’t these inter-connected with Fate? I believe in those because I know I’m not very lucky. Once, while out walking in the rain, a tree branch fell directly on top of me. It was a good thing I was holding up an umbrella, because by the sound of it, I’m pretty sure it would’ve hurt. In case you’re wondering, I was already having a bad day at the time. Alright, fine, I was having a bad month that time; if you consider falling under an almost-contemplating-suicide kind of depression bad, that is.

8. Even friends and/or your closest colleagues can be irritating sometimes, to the point that you just wanna ignore them for the rest of the week, maybe even the rest of the month. The worst part is that they have no clue they’re irritating. Gad, I’m probably like that sometimes. Hell, it’s probably my nature. I’ve always said that I end up offending people at some point. Maybe this is what they feel like around me sometimes.

9. In general, I am completely unprepared for all aspects of life. That’s pretty bad, right?

There’s a few more, but I’m sleepy and this job requires I keep my zzz’s to a minimum of six hours. *shakes head and clicks tongue* Sad, sad, sad…

Meanwhile, here are a few other lucky shots that I ended up loving. My favorite is the fourth one. *chesshire grin*

050.jpg 051.jpg

056.jpg 074.jpg

For my other lucky shots with regards to this post, go here.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Digi-Thoughts”

  1. I think the photos that I have seen on here are wicked, you deffinatly DO have a natural talent for it! xxx

  2. oh wow, thanks! i really appreciate that, you have no idea.

    now, if only i could get my friends to say the same thing… lolz! ^_^

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