A Post in Txt: So, How’d the Interview Go?

Oh noes… *silently weeps*

(XXXX replies)

M rly, rly, rly bummed out. Haaayy… I wna get inebriated, or sumthn… :c

(XXXX replies)

Wt dffcult wordngs? Oh, u min inebriated? It jst mins uber drunk, intoxc8d, wasted, eh, u get d drft… Anywy, i quit n kc dba? Tps iv bn goin 2 intrvus & sch, bt stil no luck. Lyk knina, i gt turnd dwn agn.

(XXXX replies)

I ws applyng 4 evnts coordn8r. It went so bd dt d mgr hd 2 lie 2 my face & say dt d only open postn s corpor8 meetngs mgr jst so she cud turn me dwn politely. M lyk, hello?! Y wud i b hir f drs no vacancy for dt post??

(XXXX replies)

It rly ws mortfyng. She dint lyk me eh, i cud jst feel d dsdain in her voice d entyr tym. D intrvu lstd nt mor dn 8mins. & she ws wearng dese rly hot stockngs p nmn…

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No, no, she wsnt hot, jst her stockngs. Shes missng a frnt tooth 4 chrissakes… ok myb nt, bt she hs ds vry unattrctve gap in hr bottom frnt teeth dts almst as wyd as a tooth…

(XXXX replies)

I thnk she jst dcided to h8 me aftr she saw me. & i ws wearng my vry uppr east syd mnhattn longsleeves p nmn, d 1 w/ d wyt collar & cuffs? D 1 i consdr lucky bcz evry1 seems 2 lyk it & wud complmnt me extensvly, w/c den mkes me smyl bcz moments lyk dt rarely evr happns 2 me? I bumpd in2 ms edna nga s hr prior 2 d intrview, & she sed i lukd gr8! Hay… I thnk ms edna s d 1 hu lyks me. I dstnctly rmembr trixie sayng, “i thnk ms edna thot u hd potential, dts y u wer endorsd 2 me.” Dt btch!

(XXXX replies)

Yuh, bt i knda gt dt she ws guna b lyk dt frm hr stockngs. Bt honstly,  it ws ok, m used 2 biotches lyk hr. M jst lyk, come on, wts a guy gotta do 2 gt a break in ds s2pd inds3?! M ded tyrd & i hvnt evn strtd wrkng yet!

(XXXX replies)

Hay… M jst rly, rly, rly bummd ryt nw. & d sad thng s, i dnt hv any1 or anywer 2 escape 2. T_T

(XXXX replies)

So anywy, hw ya doin?

* * *


~ by iamnotfrodo on February 21, 2008.

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