Last night, I had one of my recurring dreams. I was in some sort of event, an eating-fest if you will, and there was this never-ending buffet going on. It happens on a long covered balcony of some fancy, hacienda-looking place. We’re on a high floor, like twelve, and I could see nature beyond the never-ending buffet table in font of the stone railings (whatever they’re called). The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, the weather was perfection.

I was dead famished.

But instead of diving into the mountain heaps of not-so-deliciuos food on the never-ending buffet table, I kept searching the rectangular tables for someone. I don’t know who, but all I know is that I couldn’t eat anything yet until I find this person.

So I’m frantically running around tables, each with its fair share of glossy-cheeked, porky people wolfing down turkey legs, steaks, pasta, cakes, etc. The many scraps of food at their sides and placemats serve as evidence that they’ve been here for quite some time. I try asking for help, maybe someone has seen this person, but no one dares to even look away from their food.

I keep glancing over at the never-ending buffet table. The food wasn’t that deliciuos, but my hunger was enough to overlook that minor detail. I was worried that at the rate these pigs were hoarding the food, I’d get left with nothing. But as much as my mouth was watering, I just couldn’t start eating without finding this person first. This only makes me start to look for the person harder. And then…

That’s pretty much all I can remember. Anyone knows what this means? I’ve dreamt of it several times now, and I still can’t find this “person”. What could it possibly mean, I wonder?


~ by iamnotfrodo on March 11, 2008.

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