Da Phood Kritickz

In Power Plant Mall, Rockwell…

The Greatness: See? Told ya, Sumo Sam is a great resto!

Frodster: I knoes! Although you have to admit, their food’s not that “special”.

The Greatness: …Air quotes? Really?

Frodster: Sarcasm duly noted… you. *cringes* As I was saying, I just thought that the food was great but not extraordinary, you know? And I really thought that stand alone, they were pretty awful. Like the Chicken Tempura, it was really bland without the Japanese mayo dip. And that weird-tasting linguini and over-peppered Peppered Chicken, you have to eat them together in order to appreciate them.

The Greatness: I guess.

Frodster: …

The Greatness: …

Frodster: But those were some great fries, noh?

The Greatness: Oh, yeah! I wonder what those green stuff were?

Frodster: Beats me. Maybe parsley? Ooh, and could you believe we only spent under 500 buckeroos? For 2 orders that made us into bloated pigs, that’s real value for your money.

The Greatness: I really liked their house tea. Did you smell it? I told you to smell it. Did you, did you?

Frodster: I’m not really big on tea, but yeah, compared to other Japanese restaurant house teas, I guess it was good, and… good-smelling. *winces* What did you think of the service? I think we should give them our satisfied-with-the-service tip.

The Greatness: …You mean 20 bucks?

Frodster: …

The Greatness: …

Frodster: Yes, I meant 20.

The Greatness: Yeah, we should! The service was good here, very attentive food waiters.

Frodster: So shall we have dessert?

The Greatness: Ooh! Diamond Hotel has a stall here! Seriously, let’s have dessert there, they have the best chocolate cake!

Frodster: Really? What made them the best?

The Greatness: My boss said so, and well, she eats a lot, and has eaten practically everywhere.

Frodster: Oh. Okay.

In Diamond Hotel’ s outlet, approximately 20 steps away from Sumo Sam

The Greatness: Wow! Look at them! Just look at them!

Frodster: Yeah! Wow! Look at them!

The Greatness: Okay, so what are you having?

Frodster: Well, I’m not having the Supermoist Chocolate Cake. Everyone’s had that already.

The Greatness: Ooh, Gatteau Chocolat. What’s Gatteau?

Frodster: Hmm…

The Greatness: Does it mean dark chocolate? I’ll just have that. *leaves for a table*

Frodster: *turns to a food attendant* Is the Walnut Cheesecake any good?

Food Attendant: Well, yes it is, I’ve tried it. But our bestsellers here are the Baked Cheesecake and the Supermoist Chocolate Cake.

Frodster: Eh, I don’t want the chocolate cake, everyone’s had that already.

*Food Attendant laughs politely*

Frodster: Alright, just give me the Baked Cheesecake. *sits next to The Greatness*

The Greatness: I think that food attendant’s my classmate in high school.

Frodster: Really? You hould go say hi.

The Greatness: No, we weren’t that close.

Frodster: Nonetheless. Were you, like, classmates classmates, or just schoolmates?

The Greatness: Just schoolmates.

*Our food arrives, it turns out The Greatness and Food Attendant are indeed schoolmates, and they proceed to make small talk, which was boring.*

The Greatness: Oh my God, this cake is so good!

Frodster: I think gatteau is a type of cake or dessert, like tiramisu.

The Greatness: It’s like tiramisu?

Frodster: No, not really. I just meant it’s what they call this type of layered cake or whatever this is.

The Greatness: …

Frodster: Oh hey, it is good! It’s dark chocolate, too. Let’s try mine. *takes a bite of the Baked Cheesecake* Holy effing crap! This is O.M.G. cheesecake!

The Greatness: Really? *takes a bite of my O.M.G. cheesecake* Oh wow, it is!!

Frodster: Sh*t, this stuff’s awesome! No wonder it’s their bestseller.

The Greatness: Aw, this is what I wanted to order.

Frodster: Well, your gatteau’s good as well…

The Greatness: I know, but compared to this, it tastes like sh*t!

Frodster: Haha! *takes another bite* Mmm! God, every bite just gets better and better. This O.M.G. cheesecake is so worth getting fat over.

The Greatness: Haha!


~ by iamnotfrodo on March 24, 2008.

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  1. im the greatness???

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