Pearly Whites

I’ve always had small-ish teeth. To some people, they’re cute, and they suit my face. For some others, they look weird and freakish.

These are my REAL teeth.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a larger set of teeth…


 O-kay… Yeah, I’m thinking maybe these don’t suit me. This set says I have issues.

\'Sup? *snickers*

Crooked teeth in emo! Colgate smile!!

Heh? Whaddya think about these, ya? Pretty snazzy set, if I do say so myself. No? Alright.

View from the top, yo! Hey, baby, wanna secks me up? No? Ok.

Does this angle make it less painful to look at?? Do you like me?? *blush*

Haha! And these say I got in trouble for being so effing ugly!!

Moral of this post? Be thankful for what you have. No, wait! Make that “Be kind to ugly people, for they suffer a fate much worse than death.”

Yes I just made that up, jerks!


The true moral of this post is that when you’re bored and unemployed, you do stupid things to amuse yourself. So git off yer lazy ass, ass!

… … … God, I am so bored. *cries*


~ by iamnotfrodo on April 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pearly Whites”

  1. hahahaha yes it shows how bored you are =p

  2. hahaha!


    with your “real teeth” you look mayaman and sosyal.. with your “freakish” teeth you look squatter 😀

  3. *pauthecarabao

    i knoes… *cries*


    lollerskatez! 🙂

  4. You look like a totally different person

  5. *gvc

    i knoes! huhlolz!

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