The Zafrish Interpretation

Here’s what Jessica Zafra thought is a possible meaning to my vivid dream a few days ago:

“Vivid colors, yellow and purple. Do you think your life is bland, or do you simply have a craving for sapin-sapin ricecake? And if we assume that everyone in your dream represents you: Are you worried that if you express your opinions you will get yourself into trouble? Hence the strangling to keep yourself from speaking up.”



HHHMMMM… … … !

Seriously, there wasn’t a vivid (at least, not in my definition of the word) purple in that dream. My face got that deep shade of purple, like when you put on a rubber too tight on your finger and it stops the blood circulation. And I’ve been having food cravings lately, but I’m not fond of kakanin stuff, so it really couldn’t have been about sapin-sapin ricecakes. 🙂

The colors in the dream weren’t even vivid, apart from the yellow of the bus (saw it as if unknown cinematographers or whatever showed the bus making a turn from the outside, like you would in some sort of bad movie or something). Everything was a vivid gray. Does that make sense? Basta, the (dare I say) picture quality (???) of the dream was vivid, as were the emotions, but the insides of the bus, the blurred images from the bus window, and everyone’s wardrobe were in a washed out color, like gray, beige, and black. Everyone’s skin was even pasty. Oh, and did I mention the passengers sort of looked like this?

And that the bus looked almost exactly (I say almost exactly because the yellow bus in my dream had a similar shape and style, but didn’t have a sign that said “School Bus”) like this?

No? Well there you go. Everyone was in 40’s garb, even I was wearing a long gray trench coat. Oh, and everyone looked American and spoke English! Could that have any bearing? And what of the yellow-ness of the bus being the only vibrant color there? Let’s not forget the teleporting, what does one make of the teleporting? Anyone?

Also, I haven’t exactly been having trouble expressing any particular opinions lately. I may even have been expressing them a little too much! But I do think my life is bland, though. Yeah, you know…




I go cry myself to sleep nao. T_T


~ by iamnotfrodo on April 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Zafrish Interpretation”

  1. hey maybe you were dreaming of your pastlife. go check out jaime lichauco’s books nao.

  2. and the fact that jessica zafra analyzed your dream should be a good enough reason for you to be happy these days =)

  3. b-but!! PauTheCarabao, ai IZ happi. okay, maybe not “happy” happy, but i’m not sad! whai does peoples fink ai iz?

  4. reminds me of that movie….i forgot the title… oh yeah now i remember… pleasant ville or something… the movie starts out in black and white…then they discover love, the rose turns red….the movie’s all about emotions and feelings. maybe you’ve got pent up feelings waiting to be expressed….i dunno

  5. hahah! she interpreted my dream as well on that same blog post. She wasn’t entirely off course with mine but I got another interpretation from a friend that was “swak sa banga”. I guess we should just love Zafra for her writing and leave the dream interpretions to people with more experience. =)

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