In the Grand Scheme of Things

“Even with years of historical research, the more humans try to define themselves, the more they drown in their own confusion.” – Kyle (Kyle XY)

What is the meaning of life?

This is what man’s one big question is. Throughout the years, many generations have come across many talented minds. Yet somehow, the answer to this very question has managed to elude us. We’ve uncovered ancient civilizations, discovered unconventional sources of power, and produced some of the best works of art and literature. Still, no scholar or world leader could provide a single concrete answer that would shed some light as to what life truly means exactly.

To me, life is the never-ending quest for its meaning. Man has a primordial need to define the purpose of his actions and ultimately, his existence. It’s just the way it’s always been. It’s in his nature.

For all the 23 years I have lived on this planet, I find myself constantly asking that very question these days. It’s easier to define other people. We have so much to go with, their clothes, their behavior, their friends. With other people, our definitions always seem accurate. We’re always so sure, for some reason, when the reality is it may be different after all for that particular person. When it comes to ourselves, however, now that’s a different story. For some unknown reason, try as you might to look at yourself in the mirror every single morning of every single day, who you really are is shrouded in mystery still.

How does one define himself, really? Is it by the way he dresses? Or the the way he behaves? Or could it be through his friends? I like preppy clothes, I’m opinionated to a fault, and what little friends I have don’t really want me hanging around much. What exactly does that tell about me? And more importantly, what exactly do I make of what it tells about my persona? Do I believe it? Do I just simply accept it? Or do I grab fate by its reins and steer my own destiny?

If you accept what other people think about you, is that merely copping out? But we ourselves are human, and therefore blind to our own faults. Perspective from other people helps us see those faults. I guess it all boils down again to whether or not we choose to accept such perspectives… or maybe possibly get insulted, you know, whatever works.


~ by iamnotfrodo on May 7, 2008.

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