What I Think of The Movies I Saw Recently

(Sorry, I couldn’t think of a less lame title.)

Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher

1. What Happens in Vegas

Can I just say it? Cameron Diaz is old, man! Seriously, she is not looking so good, except maybe for her mile-long legs, which just screams secks (and with a lot of whipped cream involved). She had on this fake tan, which didn’t really cover up how much her skin has aged.Speaking of geriatrics, I don’t know why, maybe it lacked adequate lighting or something, but What Happens in Vegas had this sort of washed-out quality to it, making the movie seem like a 90’s one. Everything technical about this movie was completely unremarkable to me. However, I honestly enjoyed it despite all of its technical shortcomings. The script was laugh-out-loud hilarious, and for me it saved the movie from possible major suckage. It really was pure fun-fun-fun, and was only ruined by these two matronly women sitting beside me who did nothing but scrutinize Cameron and her unattractive aged looks, as well as analyze every single one of her outfits in the movie. Plot-wise, this movie was sOo totally predictable, and even had a really cornball ending (I snorted, couldn’t help it. That’s how bad it was). Overall though, this feel-good movie had heart and warmth underneath all the funnies, and wins my vote for best comedy of the year (so far). Seriously, go watch it, it’s worth every penny and the time. Some people even applauded after the credits started rolling. Yeah, I never really get why some people do that in a movie.

Other thoughts:

* Lake Bell really does have no charismatic appeal on screen at all, and should forever be cast only in these supporting gal-pal roles.

* What happened to Queen Latifah? Why is she playing such a minor role in this movie? Has she gone broke?

* I really do have a thing for girls in fancy yellow dresses. *blush*

Speed Racer

2. Speed Racer

If I’m not mistaken, this is adapted from the 1960’s anime of the same title, well, the English title anyway, the Japanese one is Mahha GoGoGo (or something). Now, I haven’t seen the original, but the movie was every bit as comical as its anime counterpart, if not more colorful. It had this “futuristic retro” theme to it, and I actually thought it worked for the movie. However, I do feel as if the anime influence in this movie was borderline annoying. It was just too much! The acting, the set, the special effects- everything was exaggerated. And I think for the most part, as a member of the audience, you lose some of the work because there’s just too much visual stimuli to take in all at once. I don’t know why they even bothered to put people in, as the whole thing was obviously shot in front of a green screen. But, and this is a major but, I wouldn’t say that this movie totally sucked. Yes there were uber-annoying moments that just made my eyeballs roll, yes I had to stifle a yawn every now and then, yes I found it hard to take the movie seriously sometimes because it was so typically anime, but I also thought there were some pretty awesome scenes too, especially towards the end. Oh yeah, those car stunts were off the hook, man! I even remembering saying that this movie was two parts every-little-boy’s-dream, and one part pure-orgasm. You’ll understand why I said that when you see it. But seriously, this movie isn’t such a waste of money. It’s not just for guys (the greater majority of the cinema audience was male), or kids and kids-at-heart, or car enthusiasts. It’s actually quite entertaining.

Other thoughts:

* Lots of drifting involved in this movie…

* This movie is even more colorful than Finding Nemo or the gay flag. “Too much” really can be a bit too much sometimes.

* I thought Christina Ricci had some good acting chops? What happened? I think maybe she took the part about this film being adapted from an anime way too seriously, to the point where her acting was so unnatural it hurt to watch, I believe “cringe-inducing” comes to mind.

* Why Susan Sarandon was even cast in this movie, I would not know one iota. The poor girl stuck out like a sore thumb out of all the cast. It’s not that her acting was bad, it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the movie. It was too serious or something. She should just stick with her dramas.

* I enjoyed watching Matthew Fox in this movie. Who knew he’d play tortured-brother-who-fakes-his-own-death-then-surgically-alters-his-face-and-becomes-the-stoic-masked-vigilante so well?

* Emile Hirsch was supposed to be in this movie, but I hardly noticed. He was completely overshadowed by his co-stars.

* Oh, hey! Isn’t that Ben Miles? The british actor who played Patrick Maitland on my favorite TV show of all time, Coupling? Man, I hope they put make up on him. It’d be really sad to know that his face is just that old, or that no one tried to make him look older!

* I really hate loud bratty kids with pet monkeys.


~ by iamnotfrodo on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “What I Think of The Movies I Saw Recently”

  1. havent seen ironman yet eh?

  2. can’t say that i have.

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