Sexless and the City

So the red carpet experience last Tuesday…

More like red “rug” experience! Lol. That should give you enough of an idea as to how long the red carpet was. It’s also quite synonymous to how we felt about the experience, which, needless to say, is totally underwhelmed. There were no celebrities at all. If there were, they were so far on the D-List that they hardly registered on people’s radars. And you know how sometimes they show clips of random people arbitrarily singing praises for a new movie that was apparently so good and recommendable on TV? Well, there was none of that there. I mean, I don’t wanna BE one of those people who gets asked what they thought of the movie, but I was at least expecting to see something like that happen. It’s a “red carpet” premiere after all. There were about two people who came with digital cameras, like for pictures only, and I don’t even think they’re pros. They were probably just in-house, you know, sent for documentation and stuff. The movie was also a bit delayed, and my God, they had some of the audience playing shitty parlor games like “Bring Me…” By this point, we were practically cowering from embarrassment, we were crouched so low in our seats. Oh and as for the audience, well, I’m not that fashionable, but even my untrained eyes could tell we were some of the best-dressed people there, and we weren’t even dressed to the nines. It’s almost like most of them aren’t even fans of the show. I’m not that huge a fan but even I was in the know that the fashion played a major role in the movie. If I were to sum this premiere up in a nutshell, I would say that it was clear Sex and the City is not as monumental here in the Philippines as it probably is in, say, New York. Yeah, and that this event was definitely a FAIL!

If it were up to me, I’d serve some teaser Cosmopolitans, like maybe in shot glasses or something. And maybe just stuck with a raffle for the limited giveaways. I’m sorry, but parlor games are just always iffy to me. Also, I’d get a better emcee. The emcee had good diction, sure, but totally lacked the enthusiasm her script told her to sound like. As for the “red rug”, well, I think it could’ve been positioned perpendicular, maybe even diagonal, instead of just parallel to the cinema entrance. That way, it would sort of give the illusion of a little bit more length than the material allowed.

As for the movie, I thought it was actually quite good. Not great, mind you, but good enough. I thought that it stayed true to the story and to the characters, which is the right way to go since people have seen this before, albeit in smaller screens, and people always have expectations with sh*t like that.

What surprised me the most was the fashion. Based on the commercials and trailers, I really thought it would be sickeningly over-the-top and in your face, but it actually wasn’t. The fashion in the movie can’t be denied, of course. But I thought it was great that everyone was so expertly styled that you really can’t gravitate towards just one person alone. You looked at the four of them as an ensemble, which was really how it should be since it was their dynamic that made the franchise such a huge hit in the first place. It’s not the same with the story, though. Sure, everyone had their own little plot twists, but it was pretty clear that this movie was all about Carrie. I’m not so sure how I feel about that.

As for the acting, I actually liked it better here than in the TV show, especially Sarah Jessica’s. I hated their acting in the TV series because they were all so high-pitched and whiny and basically bad-acting for my tastes. But they somehow toned it down for the movie and for me it totally worked because that made them more mature, just like their characters. My favorite (this review WILL now contain spoilers) was this one scene in the movie when after Big (who’s REAL name in the show by the way is John James Preston!) had just stood Carrie up in their wedding and they stop in the street and she goes to him while in her designer wedding gown with that alarmingly affronting bird feather in the veil, and mauls him with her bouquet with all her scrawny arm’s might, and then gets all weepy and oh-my-life-is-SO-over, which then leads to Big trying desperately to come to her to explain his side of the story, but then Charlotte (who’s my favorite because I think Charlotte York types are so pretty their almost hott) goes like, “No!! You stay away!!” And even when she couldn’t muster up a more offending expletive, she managed this almost hurt puppy-look in her eyes that also screamed murderous intent, and she had her classy finger all pointy towards the perp that was Big, while at the same time hugging Carrie so tightly so as to protect her from the big bad man. Oh God, that scene was just a hodgepodge of emotions, I almost orgasmed in my seat! I couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of it all, and yet somehow be enamored by the whole drama of it as well. I felt for Carrie, but to me, Charlotte stole that scene. It really was, by far the most acting Kristin Davis had ever done in the series.

But the biggest disappointment in the movie, aside from the totally sappy cornball moment Miranda and Steve had at the Brooklyn Bridge, was probably the editing. We don’t know if that’s really how it is for the movie they showed in other countries or if the country’s MTRCB had something to do with it, but the editing totally sucked, like “oh, this thing’s pirated” kind of sucked. The movie was even more censored than the TV show, for chrissakes! The only thing nekkid they dared show was Steve’s butt, and Lord knows that’s really what the audience wanted to see. All I’m saying is, if they were gonna cut out the secks parts they should’ve at least made it less staccato.

Overall, my sentiments about this movie are synonymous to Carrie and Big’s wedding at City Hall at the end of the movie- not what everyone wanted, but enough to scratch the itch.


~ by iamnotfrodo on May 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sexless and the City”

  1. where did you get those “red rug” tickets anywayz?

  2. velvet! 🙂

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