Here’s what I learned over the weekend.

One. The turning wheel thingy on Schultz, my SLR camera, is in fact not decorative, but has actual photographic purpose. Check out the drastic improvements in my shots!  

serious face ortigas skyline in fluorescent a favor gone pooper hott the next gossip girl novel cover. lol  not so candid

P.S. Thanks for the crash lesson, Gladys. You’ve restored my faith in my camera and my continuously deteriorating skills.

Two. Not all strip shows last all night.

Three. If you don’t ask, people won’t tell you anything.

Four. People in my circle still have no aversion towards sensitivity. For example, none of my friends seem to get that my most hated feeling in the world is being left out. It’s still a dog-eat-dog world on my side of the planet, and we’re very unapologetic about it.

Five. I have to develop an eating disorder within the next three days.


~ by iamnotfrodo on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lessons”

  1. hey. i seriously did not know that the stripper show was going to end that fast. =c

  2. @pauthecarabao


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