WARNING: The following post contains facial care sh*t and practically ghey stuff. Also gross-ness. Reader discretion is advised.

The other day I accompanied my friend to the chick mothership that is Watson’s. My friend bought her girly stuff. Meanwhile, as we were perusing the aisles, I stumbled upon this Korean whitehead and blackhead remover: the iWhite Nose Pack. What’s interesting, aside from the unusally persistent sales lady, is that the one-time use packet cost only 15 bucks. Remembering how I looked earlier that morning, I readily grabbed one.

It functions pretty much the same as those ‘pore strips’, except it’s in cream form. You spread the rather pungent (I accidentally got some in close proximity to my left eye and the strength of it made my eye burn) white gunk across your nose area. I’m telling you now, it’s messy and gooey and quite frankly, kinda gross.

Effing whiteheads and blackheads that were once in my face. FTW.

But you know what? It really works, as evidenced by the disgusting photo above. As you can clearly see, I was so mesmerized by how those babies looked like outside my skin that I had to photograph them. Maybe it was the repetition of the stuff that appealed to my artistic persona, or it could just be that it was so very gross, and sick. Watching it was almost hypnotic, seriously. And I dunno if it was just me feeling hella impressed, but I think it may have even reduced the size of my pores. They’re no longer that visible even from across the room.


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 1, 2008.

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