Of Vampires and Clarity

Reading is something that I see as a chore. But whether it’s just so I won’t be out of the loop, or to somehow broaden my average if not inferior intellect, I force myself to do it every now and then. It makes me feel smart. It says to the world I belong to the cultured spectrum of society because I don’t just waste my mind on gratuitous or superfluous activities. So maybe my motives for reading are superficial, but I love that it stimulates my imagination. It’s why I only read fiction, and it’s how I came to be an artist. Of course, at the time, I then discovered mindless tv and stuck to that instead. But nonetheless, reading takes me elsewhere, away from the daft world that surrounds me. In my head the characters come to life, and takes away the pain of having to watch my own pathetic existence. It’s like watching a long drawn-out movie, where I’m playing all of the characters, and I see it from all points of view. It’s why I read so slow. I have to imagine how I would say a line, if I was that character. And I also take the time picturing how a certain scene would look like in a movie, the way a director might visualize his angle or shot. Sometimes it surprises me how similar I can be to a character, or how a certain part of a character’s story would hit so close to home. This is also the reason why I love movie adaptions of books or novels.

Presently, I’m reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Yes, I jumped in the bandwagon after learning of its success, and I won’t deny it even if it could practically qualify for “chick lit” (more on my thoughts about it on a later post, possibly). In the meantime, I just wanted to say that I had an epiphany while reading Chapter 15. As Edward Cullen expressed his emotion of murmured relief that Bella Swan had SOME sense of self-preservation after all, I realized that I didn’t. I have self-destructive tendencies, and I set myself up for disappointment every single time. It all makes sense now how I could be this depressed without knowing it.


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Of Vampires and Clarity”

  1. Twilight ❤ Started reading last week and I’m on the second book now. Very…dazzling.

  2. @Helga


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