Creative Letter

So today I made a fool of myself again.

I had an interview at The Podium mall today. I’m taking a page off of a friend’s superstitious methodologies where I won’t reveal any details about the job or the company. The idea, apparently, is so you won’t jinx it. Let’s hope it works.

Anyway, prior to the interview they asked me to bring a “Creative Letter” and I had absolutely no idea what it was. Was it because I didn’t study art? Is that why I didn’t know what this “Creative Letter” is? The instructions said I was to prepare an updated copy of my resume, together with my “Creative Letter”, something that would help them know me better. I was told I could use any form or material that I wanted. I was like, what the-? Right!? ‘Cause how can a letter be in a form or material different than words on paper? What kind of letter IS a Creative Letter exactly? I asked around. No one could give me a concrete answer either. In the end, I went with my friend Imah’s suggestion to write an essay, since ‘letter’ could mean written text, and not the kind you get in the mail or the formal corporate ones. I wrote this. It turns out, a “Creative Letter” should be a physical manifestation or display of your individuality and creativity. Like a collage, for instance, but I think those are already expected and cliche. It would be better to go with something else. In my case, it would probably be a picture book.

The company seemed really good. Everyone spoke straight English, and if you knew me you would know, English competency is always my basis (which is a little hypocritical on my part, i know, since I don’t always speak perfect English either; but old habits are hard to break). The interview went really well. I made a few self-deprecating jokes here and there, which was a first for me in an interview, and was met with a few chuckles from Ms. Ara and some polite smiles from Ms. Tata (yeah, my jokes are always sooper lame, which is why I don’t joke much).

Of course, as with any interview, I always wish some parts of it could’ve gone better. I always wish I stuttered less, and I always wish I elaborated more, or added a few more eloquent or profound thoughts. Like when they laughed at my essay, I could’ve defended my ego (after all, you have to sell yourself in interviews) with a rebuttal, by simply showing them the shots I printed out last night:


I don’t know why I didn’t show them. I spent all of last night printing these out. I guess after they laughed at my essay I became paralyzed by the shame and the humiliation. But I must’ve at least made a good enough impression for them to put me up for a two-day trial this weekend. So all’s well that ends well. WIN!

This of course brought upon a precariously happy mood in my otherwise lonely and bitter daily disposition. In fact, I ended up buying Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Saga, and some AWESOME Nike Sport Vapor Earhook Headphones!

teh awezomest hedfonez evah

teh awezomest hedfonez evah

Cons, they don’t completely block out the world around you unless you crank up the volume of your iPod (or whatever gadget you’re using). Also they are hella expensive, well, for me anyway. These babies will set your wallet back by a mere grand (okay, 990 bucks). So better think first if headphones should be worth that much before getting yourself a pair.

As for the Pros though, their sound clarity is really good, and they feel unbelievably comfy. No pinching at all, which was my initial suspicion about them. They are also light as air. Like seriously, you won’t even feel them there.

I definitely wish for them to have been cheaper, since I’m tight on the monies these days. But now I can dance around, headbang (yes, I do these things when no one’s looking), or even run on the treadmill without having to worry about my headphones slipping off all the time. So yeah, I think they’re worth my thousand buckeroos… Um, at least I think so… They’re worth it, okay?? They’re worth it! Shut up.


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Creative Letter”

  1. hmmmmm i’m guessing that the company you referred to was The Picture Company….. am i right?????????? Lemmi know! 😀 How did the trial go?

  2. Are you applying for a job as a photographer? A college blockmate/friend took on a stint as a photographer in a studio at The Podium (she’s in fashion school now).

  3. @helga

    yeah, i am. it’s prolly the same one. what’s her name?

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