Dial 8-MCDOn’t!

I just found out recently that McDonald’s McDelivery, Dial 8-MCDO, now has online service. Last night, while I was busy surfing the internet, I felt all too familiar hunger pangs make their way to the forefront of my conscious thought. And since I’m “chubby” and I have a penchant for incessant snacking, it became a little too hard for me to concentrate. It was then that I remembered this “online delivery” thing. The notion is still somewhat foreign to me (dees guy, whatta loozer), but I thought, ‘What perfect timing this is to get myself acquainted, and finally give it a shot!’ Bad idea.

After 40 minutes of waiting and starvation, the food still hadn’t arrived. And I couldn’t take it anymore. So I quit my browsing. Immediately after the phone lines were free, I heard from McDonald’s. It turns out that after you place your order on the website, the McDonald’s people will have to call you first to confirm the validity and whatnot of your order placement. And only then will they start the delivery process. Needless to say, I had to wait another 30 minutes, after the whole waiting for 40 minutes prior thing, before I could satiate my seemingly insatiable tummy.

I guess my only point of contention as to why this whole thing seems so utterly idiotic to me is the fact that you would still be interacting with the food establishment via phone. Why bother ordering online when you would be speaking with a live person anyway? Amirite!? I would think that the whole point of ordering online is to eliminate the need for phone interaction, should phones be unavailable (one’s laziness works too) at a given time. See what I mean by stupid?

In other lame news, I just saw this weird commercial for what looked like Korean (of course, I’m only assuming it’s Korean) bottled water. They’re calling it “Pocari Sweat“. Whether their Marketing team (or whoever’s in charge of branding) was high when they brainstormed this is beyond me, but I’m not so sure how popular it’s bound to be with a name like that (or I could be wrong). Granted, I don’t really know what a “pocari” is, but I for one sure as hell ain’t drinkin’ no sweat.

Two stupids, both FAILs, all in one night. Fun!


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 21, 2008.

One Response to “Dial 8-MCDOn’t!”

  1. Hey we’ve been drinking that for the past 3 – 4 years na. It wasn’t available everywhere pa that time. And yes its Korean.

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