Almosts and Sometimeses

“Sometimes, kismet happens.”

New Moon is the second installment in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga. It follows Bella and Edward’s relationship from the predecessor book, Twilight. In this book, the couple’s relationship suddenly makes a turn for the worst and Bella, all hollow and broken inside, throws herself in the pleasant company of the unruly Jacob Black, a werewolf new to his ways. Unfortunately, the lines between being a couple, and maintaining a platonic relationship are blurred for this particular werecub. It seems Bella now has a tough choice to make on her plate, and she’s going to have to make it sooner rather than later.

New Moon is not necessarily a book, but rather a long, drawn out chapter to Bella and Edward’s love story. So yes, it is rather disappointing in that regard. I remember someone saying that this book is the most dragging out of all of Meyer’s books in the series. After reading it, I can pretty much attest to this statement, although I would choose a different adjective than ‘dragging’. This book doesn’t climax, which is why I can’t call it a book separate from the others. It has a few (very few) suspenseful (but predictable) moments here and there, but it’s not enough to actually say that it was the book’s climax. Which is also a shame, since it started out really good. It should also be mentioned that this installment is predominantly about Bella and Jacob, which I don’t agree should be the case, as the ending brings us back to the Bella-Edward tandem. It makes it somewhat untoward, not to mention confusing, and diverts the readers from the ultimate goal of the saga’s story; another reason why I say this book is merely a chapter, and not a book that’s separate and distinct from the rest. It really is merely a way to introduce more of the characters Meyer plans to include in the future books.

In all honesty, however, I liked this book better than Twilight. Despite the lack of dimension in the writing, I actually thought that some parts were better-written than the first one. It’s possible that I’m drawing this conclusion from the fact that in some of the more quiet, intimate moments in the book, Meyer managed to capture the exact emotions of the characters down to a tee, and I managed to relate to the characters on a much more personal level. I find myself relating to the main characters with such close proximity that I actually feel for those characters. One; as gratuitous as this is going to sound (I surprised even myself to come to such a realization), I see part of myself in Edward (gasp!). Not so much in the looks (hell, no), and yes the circumstances couldn’t be more different, but we share an almost desperate predilection towards self-imposed, almost masochistic agony, which is pure torture. It’s a martyr kind of thinking. Two; what Bella went through; the nasty withdrawal from the world around her. The sometimes overwhelming numbness, the feeling of a huge gaping hole gnawing at your chest leaving you feeling emptier than necessarily true, the upkeep of shallow pretenses to mask the pain from the prying, reproachful eyes of the normal people around, the silent acquiescence of the truth, and even the quiet pleas for release were all too, too, too familiar. Lord knows I’ve gotten so accustomed to the numbing pangs of lifelessness for so long, it’s become pathological now in many ways.

As a book, New Moon fails to delilver. Again, it really should’ve been “part” of a book only. I’ll even go as far as say that maybe New Moon and Eclipse (though I hav yet to read it) should’ve been written as one. But having the characters hit that close to home definitely made me decide to buy the last two books. I’m just hoping they’re loads better.


~ by iamnotfrodo on August 24, 2008.

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