Good Find: PictureBooks

Last June, my friend got married. And as such, the need for a great wedding gift became practically mandatory. In my opinion, it’s the gifts that define who your friends are and differentiates them from the “guests”.

Nestled along the bustling lanes of Glorietta mall, PictureBooks brings scrapbooking to the digital age, and comes out with what I think is an awesome gift for any occasion at a relatively affordable price. Here’s one (badly-scanned) that I had made. It’s a slightly better version of the wedding gift I shared with Gladys for my friend’s wedding last June.


Not bad, right? This is a sample of their large (11″ x 8.5″) softbound picture book, and it cost me only 1,315 bucks.

The PictureBooks kiosk can be found at the ground floor of Glorietta 3, in the lane between Cinderella and Tag Heuer. They have branches in other parts of the metro as well, like Greenhills and SM Megamall just to name a few. Prices range from as low as 295 pesos to 2950 pesos, for sizes ranging small to xl respectively.

Some key reminders when having your own picture book made:

1. Best to color correct your photos before coming. The pictures in the book tend to be a bit more saturated than the original. My first try, half the book was a bit orange.

2. When asked about the desired finish, opt for glossy over matte. Finger prints tend to show on the matte, but not on the glossy.

3. Come to their kiosk sometime during the day. The lay-out process can take a bit of time (at least for perfectionists like myself), especially if it’s your first time. My book above was actually rushed, because stupid me came right before closing.

4. Bring more photos than necessary, preferably in landscape format. Some pages can accomodate more than one or two shots, depending on the theme or layout style that you choose. I ran out of photos on my first try, well, maybe had just the right amount. Still, it sucked when I couldn’t match the right photos perfectly when I was doing the layout the first time.

5. If you’re giving it as a gift, keep in mind that the books take one week to finish. I believe they also accept rush orders, but aside from the additional cost that would require, there’s no guarantee that they would take rush orders at the time that you will have your book made. Sometimes, they won’t be able to accomodate expediting services due to the number of books that they’re producing.

So what do you think? I remember how this gift was such a huge hit when I finally gave it to my friend back in June. Seriously, picture books really make great gifts. They’re personalized and sentimental, perfect for those special occasions. At the same time, they look professionally done but without the professional cost.


~ by iamnotfrodo on September 1, 2008.

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