Good Find: Playlist [Dot] Com

This is probably gonna sound so way behind the times, but I just recently found out about Project It’s allegedly a “social music experiment”, a website where you can create your own playlist and broaden your cyber social network at the same time. It’s like MySpace or Facebook, but with an emphasis on one’s music predilections.

It’s actually rather simple to use, and given my miniscule knowledge on technology and the interwebs, that coming from me is putting it lightly. But basically, all you do is sign up for an account with your e-mail address and that’s it. You can start searching their databank for songs from your favorite artists to add to your playlist. I think you are allowed a hundred songs per playlist, which is really not bad. Then you can post your playlist on your many social networking accounts (like MySpace or Facebook) all over the internet. It’s quite fun, actually. Sort of like the way Facebook apps hook you into wasting away a couple of hours without you realizing it.

I would post my Playlist here, but I can’t seem to do so. Maybe I just don’t know how, but since WordPress doesn’t seem to allow it, I’ve provided a link to my Playlist account here instead. Pay no mind to my song choices, I’m aware that I’m really quite behind on new stuff and I’m working on it, dammit. But do add me as a buddy or something if you have an account there, or if you created one. It’s a little pathetic to see myself with no buddies, except for Jeremy Riney, Playlist’s version of MySpace’s Tom. 😦


~ by iamnotfrodo on September 15, 2008.

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