The iPod Lego iSound

Cute and nifty, the iPod Lego iSound speaker is overall a gadget that’s nice to have around, if only for the handiness of it. It retails for under 800 bucks (I forget), and is available in select stores only. Personally, I find it rather overpriced.

It’s uber-cute. The Lego design (did the makers actually buy the rights, I wonder?) is both nostalgic and fun. It is light, compact, and handy. It can fit comfortably in any pocket. It even comes with a little cheap-looking plastic case, so it really is very convenient and travel-friendly. Another nifty feature is that the iSound is “plug ‘n’ play”, which means there’s no need for batteries and it’s good to go whenever you want it. I believe it utilizes the iPod’s energy supply.

Of course, the fact that it’s “plug ‘n’ play” is in itself its own drawback, since it means less battery life for your iPod. Also, since the iSound is practically a toy, it should come as no surprise that it feels like one in your hand. But I guess as long as you don’t physically abuse it then there’s no need to worry that it’ll break so easily. The biggest disappointment for me is the sound quality, though. It only has three levels of loudness, or quietness depending on your perspective. On its loudest, it’s enough to be heard from across a small room, but I doubt it can be heard above the din of a noisy crowd or background. As for the sound clarity itself, I don’t know the correct jargon (as you may have already guessed), but I think it can only play mid-tones or whatever. The bass sounds are lost and really indistinguishable, and when a song peaks at its loudest, the sounds are “basag” and are all but inaudible. So it’s probably not meant for people who love to listen to rock music. Lastly, I really think that the price is just not justified based on quality alone.

Overall, it’s good to have for when you’re traveling lite and you still want to bring a speaker, any speaker, otherwise don’t bother. Especially if you’re thinking of using it for a party or something. I think it’s more of a personal speaker, which kind of totally defeats the purpose of speakers. Although I admit that sometimes I do tire of having earphones on. I have A.D.D., so music sometimes needs to be just a background for me, otherwise I can’t focus on work and shit. I guess in cases like mine, the iPod Lego iSound speaker is perfect.

Update: A week after this post, my iSound stopped working. Fuck.


~ by iamnotfrodo on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “The iPod Lego iSound”

  1. When we went to Anawangin Cove last summer, we had with us 3 iPods and 3 Lego iSounds.

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