I Lost My Bejeezus Last Night to That 24 Guy

Okay, maybe not to him exactly, but to his movie Mirrors.

In the movie, Kiefer Sutherland (24) plays Ben Carson, an ex-cop who is dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, as well as alcoholism, and whose family is breaking apart because of his current erratic behavior. He takes on a new night watchman post at a burnt down department store. As Ben begins his new job, he is quick to find that the establishment ruins become alive at night with nightmarish souls that haunt him with horrific visions of their deaths through the huge mirrors all over the forgotten place that have remained surprisingly intact and immaculately clean. Unfortunately for Ben, his predicament and medication makes it hard for his family to believe his sanity at the moment.

As the nights wear on, the visions become more and more perisitent and harmful, and even follows him outside the walls of the department store and into every reflective surface around him. Whatever’s possessing the mirrors then starts coming after his family, and his sister Angela, played by Amy Smart (Road Trip), becomes the first victim. Devastated by the loss, Ben starts digging around to find out the truth behind the mirrors and the evil trapped within. His investigation leads him to one Anna Esseker, played by Mary Beth Peil (Dawson’s Creek), who is linked to the mirrors and is now a nun. Ben now has to convince Anna to face the past she tried so hard to forget before time runs out for his family.

I have recently convinced myself that it’s the slasher flicks that creep me out me and not the ones that deal with the supernatural. This one though, was successful enough to make me doubt my theories, especially since it’s an American horror movie. I mean, come on, did anyone see the American version of The Ring? Lame. I only went after seeing this clip:

Clip from the movie Mirrors (2008) featuring Amy Smart

Right!? I mean how creepy was that?

Mirrors is an effective suspense thriller at best, I would say. The parts were the kids fell victim to the evilness in the mirrors and almost died were touching. The acting was good; I though Kiefer really stood out. The special effects were good. The script was bad, lots of plot holes and it needed better dialogue. But I really think its success was largely due in part to the sounds in the movie, whatever jargon is used for that. And I guess it wasn’t like “sitting-at-the-edge-of-my-seat” kind of scary, it just had a lot of unexpected moments that brought about the suspense factor. But yes, said moments were enough to give me a mild heart attack. Of course, it could have very well been my lunch earlier that day giving me heart burns.

Also, I learned in this movie that our censorship board truly is the lamest ever. It’s the king of all things lame. That clip I posted above? It wasn’t in the movie. It got cut, just so the movie could be downgraded to a measley PG-13 instead of its actual R rating. Iknowrite!? Lame. We’re probably the only country who would do these lame cuts. Whoever heads that, please resign. Like now. Please. Trust me, you are ruining the movie experience for all of us.

Oh, and finally, I just found out that this movie was a remake of an asian horror flick. Huh, makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s really not the Americans’ forte, these horror movies. The movies always tend to come off as poor imitations. The Asian version (South Korean), Geoul Sokeuro, now that would’ve probably been downright scary.


~ by iamnotfrodo on October 11, 2008.

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