Best Burger in Town, Guess Where?

I’m not gonna talk about their products, although I think they’re all good too. I want to talk about their food! Who would’ve thought that the best burger in town could be found at a place like this?

img_0219 img_0220

Make no mistake, people. This place is S&R, a membership shopping place located in Bonifacio Global City (The Fort). It’s primarily a giant warehouse supermarket where you buy imported products wholesale or retail. Lots of rich people shop here, actually.

Just outside the market area is their sort of food court area. For a measley 90 bucks, u can have the best burgers in town there.


Oven-Baked Quarterpounder Cheeseburger

A filling burger that will satisfy your hunger without the guilt, or at least a little less of the guilt you get when eating burgers. It’s oven-baked, so the meat is juicy without the excess grease from the frying oil. It has a bit of dressing to hold and to add flavor to the greens, but no mayonnaise. Any condiments you may or may not want on your food can be added at your own leisure at the condiments station.

The burger patty is the same kind of good-quality meat you find inside the store. It’s tender, juicy, and savory, and it doesn’t have extenders or those tough parts you find in other burgers. It looks a little thin, but I swear it packs quite the flavor. And for 90 bucks, that’s a very, very good deal.

cinnamon churro

Cinnamon Churro… or what’s left of it.

Refillable sodas (and Nestea iced tea) cost 50 bucks. They also sell pizza, calzone, etc., all for very reasonable prices. The pizzas are highly recommended by my friends. Aside from the burger I tried their cinnamon and bavarian churros, you know, for dessert. Although they don’t come served with chocolate for dipping, they were both very large and they taste really good.




I highly recommend this place for lunch, or basically any meal, before or after a bit of shopping, especially now that the holiday season is practically upon us.


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 13, 2008.

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