Went and ate at Basilio’s the other night. It’s located at Forbeswood Heights along Rizal Drive in Bonifacio Global City (The Fort). The ambience was okay, a bit dark for what I assume to be the romantic mood they were going for. Or maybe they just wanted a cool, hip vibe, but failed. The problem for me is that it just wasn’t warm and inviting. The servers were friendly enough, but their service was a bit lacking. In my world, this just means that their attention had to be called before you get refills for your drinks, but hey, I always prefer service where waiters are attentive of their guests and can anticipate their needs.

They are a bit pricey at around 300 pesos per plate, but is to be expected for me, given their location. Also, their courses (including salads) are good for two persons. Their menu was rather confusing for me, simply because you can’t identify their cuisine just from browsing their food selection alone. It’s like they serve a bit of everything, from Filipino, to European, to Western. I’d rather they stick to one type, and play with it. From their name, I initially thought they served Filipino food alone, which is why I was hesitant because Asian food doesn’t really acclimate to my palate very well (yes, even if I am Filipino). Maybe they could go for Spanish cuisine, if they don’t want to stick to Filipino dishes? Just a suggestion.

You can’t really see it from this photo, but Basilio’s is somewhere there at the corner of the building on the right. Heh. 🙂



And now for the really important part–the food…


We had Caesar Salad,


Potato Wedges,

img_0282 img_0284

and their 50-Clove Garlic Chicken (we had it plated for two).

The Caesar Salad was fine if not a little tastier than your average, but I didn’t think there was anything extra-ordinary about it. They serve their dressing on the side, which I thought was nice since you can control the amount you want this way, unlike in other restaurants where the dressing is sometimes a little too much. I also liked how it wasn’t so runny compared to the usual Caeser Salad dressing.

The Potato Wedges were really bland. It wasn’t tossed properly or maybe they weren’t drained well after frying because evidently some wedges had more salt/pepper/paprika on them. It came with dip, but I wasn’t a fan.

The 50-Clove garlic Chicken was also flavorless, considering that my tongue should’ve been burning with the pungent garlic flavor from 50 cloves. It was really tender though (the meat was practically falling off of the bones), if that was any consolation. Also, it was served with tomato rice and giblet gravy. I didn’t get enough tomato flavor on the rice, I just thought it was a bit mushy. Meanwhile, the giblet gravy was interesting. It had liver oil, which was that one unique thing that makes you go, “What is that?” I don’y like liver very much, but it was a huge hit on our table.

Overall, this restaurant could definitely serve better food. Food is after all the bread and butter for any restaurant, and theirs was all very bland for my tastes. Never mind that the ambience or the service weren’t first class, I want something I could recommend to other people. I did hear that their desserts are quite good. Unfortunately, I was watching my weight at the time, so I passed on dessert. Also I heard it just a little too late. Maybe in a future visit.


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 16, 2008.

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