This suspense-thriller is about a young grief counselor, Claire, played by Anne Hathaway, who gets assigned to a group of survivors to a horrific plane crash. As the counseling progresses, the recollections Claire gathers from the survivors tell a different story than the one the airline officially released. Meanwhile, having lead a cautious and risk-free life, she becomes attracted to one of the patients, the carefree and adveturous Eric, played by Patrick Wilson. As their relationship grow from professional to romantic, her other patients start to mysteriously disappear one by one. She is convinced that the airline is somehow involved, trying desperately to cover up what really happened in the accident. But what she uncovers is a whole lot more complex than just a simple cover-up.

I thought it was actually quite good. Too bad it didn’t have a lot of publicity, what with all the buzz around the new Bond flick. It was so under the radar you can’t help but overlook this movie. But you know, Anne Hathaway is really hot right now. She has movies coming out left and right, and even has some Oscar buzz for her role on the movie Rachel Getting Married. It’s like she’s the new Hollywood “it” girl or something. I feel like she’s being primed for the movie superstardom that is to come later in her career. Meanwhile, in this movie, I thought she gave an okay performance. Nothing horrendously awful, but nothing that would’ve been classified as a stand-out either. The part where she made her realization and the truth started unraveling and she was screaming sort of leaves you askance. Yeah, she didn’t really manage to pull that off properly. Also that part where she got mauled in the face by a windblown newspaper and started shrieking her head off was hilarious, but was completely irrelevant. And despite the minimal emotional range she gave in this movie, I thought she was still pretty.

passengers-2 passengers-3

One thing you do notice in this movie is the chemistry between Hathaway’s and Patrick Wilson’s characters. It was just palpable, and you can’t help but appreciate it for what it was. It was probably for this same reason that a large chunk of the film was devoted on developing their relationship more so than the actual plot. But I didn’t feel that this was integral enough a part for the filmmakers to have spent that much time on it. It kind of made it seem like the movie lagged at some point even. It made the film seem slow, and for a thriller, that’s not the right way to go. Although this was also probably due to the fact that they were throwing multiple premises in beginning of the movie, like Eric potentially having ESP caused by the tragedy, or Claire’s estranged relationship with her sister. These were all left unexplored and unanswered, both in terms of plot, and individual character development. They had absolutely no bearing whatsoever in the actual plot and ending that they should’ve been taken off the film in the editing. Just think, all that excruciatingly slow suspense lead to nothing.

Hmm. I guess after the careful analysis of the movie that went behind this post, it seems Passengers was not a very good one after all.


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 18, 2008.

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