Went to the Twilight premiere a few hours ago at SM Megamall. I thought the movie was a FAIL!

Poor script, poor cinematography, poor acting, poor soundtrack, poor everything else.

The main characters just didn’t have any charismatic appeal whatsoever. Leads Stewart and Patinson didn’t have chemistry in my opinion, I didn’t really feel it between them. Cam Gigandet was probably the one exception among all the actors. He was surprisingly good as James.

The film was a technical nightmare, too. For some reason a lot of the shots were out of focus, I hated it. There were lots of weird scenes from varying angles that I didn’t get because they didn’t at all look artistic to me.

But I’m reserving judgment for later. I’m determined to watch this movie again at a different cinema since I hate the SM ones. Also, my dislike for the movie could have been easily brought about the squealing fans. I swear to God, it was annoying as hell. Everytime a trailer would play, even the national anthem, they screamed, thinking it was the start of the movie. Then it moved on to every guy that would appear on screen. Then everytime they thought Edward would do something “kilig”. Ugh, it was heinous. There were even some who kept squealing even way after the movie ended! So yes, I want to watch this again to savor it and really listen to it. Hopefully, on my next visit, it wouldn’t be filled with the hardcore female fans.

But one thing is certain. It didn’t bring an ounce of justice to the books. And that was sad, because Stephenie Meyer had nothing but praises for Catherine Hardwicke.


~ by iamnotfrodo on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “Injustice”

  1. i believe that robert’s performance was very good…all the actors did a great job…and let me tell you that i like the relantionship between robert and kirsten , it had chemistry because i mylesf fall in love with them…especially with robert …hi’s so cute an smart.
    but…this is what i think.

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