Schedules none permitting, I just celebrated my birthday a couple of days later by means of lunch at ClawDaddy Great American Picnic at Bonifacio High Street.

Here’s what we ordered:

Chicken-Fried Porkchop

This was a combo dish, one that wasn’t exactly on the menu but on a pamphlet-type thingy on the table instead. It was a porkchop that was breaded and deep fried like you would with fried chicken. It’s served with mashed potatoes and a sausage sauce on the side. It also comes with cream soup, fresh fruits chunks, and a cob of corn. The waiter said it was meant for one person only, but come on, that much food could easily be shared by two to three persons.

The porkchop itself was absolutely delicious. It was tender and juicy, and it was cooked to perfection. It’s made even tastier with the sausage sauce. It’s just one of those things that go perfectly together. The accompanying mashed potatoes were probably my favorite out of all the dishes we had at ClawDaddy’s. It had skins, and chunks, and seasoned just right. Every bite was flavorful and never bland, unlike in most restauarants where the mashed potatoes depend on the gravy, for instance. Since they served complimentary corn cobs while we waited for the food, the corn cob went mostly unnoticed. The fruits were refreshing and sweet. The soup, on the other hand, was gross. It was pure mush, with almost gelatinous globs of cream and whatnot. I’m grossed out just thinking of it.

All-American Cobb Salad

Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado, Moneterey Jack cheese, and ranch dressing…


I thought the chicken was a little rubbery, and I didn’t see or taste any avocados, but they served it with cucumbers instead. It was actually still pretty good, despite the discrepancies. I loved the cheese in there, it added a subtle difference in texture and flavor. The cherry tomatoes were juicy, and the corn was sweet. Again, the corn in the salad went mostly unnoticed.

Shrimps Etouffee

Shrimps, linguini, holy trinity, and Creole etouffee cream sauce…

This was our pasta dish, and everyone’s favorite (but mine; mashed potatoes, remember?) dish, although I admit this was pretty good as well. For those not in the know, Holy Trinity in cuisine refers to the use of chopped celery, bell peppers, and onions as a base. Etouffee is Creole in nature, and means smothered in a very rich, dense, spicy sauce, if I’m not mistaken. So for the case of ClawDaddy’s Shrimps Etouffee, the linguini was completely smothered in this thick etouffee cream sauce, with some shrimp tossed in with it.

It was quite good, but I did think it could’ve been spicier and that they could’ve put in more shrimp. Of course, I can’t really stand spicy foods (my throat sort of closes up and I get into a coughing fit), so this was fine with me.

Chicken Fingers


I’m a big kid at heart, so whenever I dine out there always has to be some form of french fry dish on the table.

ClawDaddy’s Chicken Fingers is part of their Junior’s menu, and is served in this really fun paper car that the kids can take home afterwards. The Fingers are covered in a corn flakes before frying, and I always love that. The classic dip goes well with it, and enhances its flavor. The french fries could’ve been better though. They were these zig-zagy ones which I assume were store-bought, because I can find them in groceries. Yeah, I really hate those. They were also unseasoned, and you would have to dunk them in the dip to appreciate them, which I also hate.

You may notice that we didn’t order any crab dish, which is kind of stupid since it is supposed to be their bestsellers,  but none of us wanted the mess, and we were tipped off that their crab dishes aren’t so good. We honestly didn’t have very high expectations from this place, and the fact that we found the food delightful and delicious was a very pleasant surprise. We finished everything. We were supposed to have dessert (the ice cream one with “Titanic” in the name was appetizing), but decided against it later on because our pants were suddenly too tight and we didn’t have any room anymore in our tum-tums.


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