Fancy Schmancy Christmas Dinner

Located at Bonifacio High Street, CAV boasts of a sophisticated ambience, upscale clientele (we spotted a few celebs and media moguls, not to mention your general fancy-pants crowd), an impressive wine selection (this is actually their niche), and a unique menu setup. Okay, maybe not unique per se, but different compared to the other restaurants within the vicinity. As a former colleague would say, “It’s so posh!”


In CAV, you have the option of ordering a 4-course meal (starter, soup, main course, and dessert), or a 3-course meal (any 3 from the mentioned four), drinks notwithstanding. You may also order entrees a la carte, if you so wish. And for an additional fee, you may add corresponding wines to each of the courses. Too bad though, as most of us were not really wine afficionados, so the wines we were served went mostly unappreciated. But the one person in our table who did drink them said they were quite good.

The food is simply superb, there’s just no denying it. I’m not a fan of gourmet (It’s too uptight!), but even I was impressed. I guess that’s what you get when you spend over a thousand bucks on dinner! Although I can’t discount that their desserts did not sit well with our palates. I guess desserts aren’t their forte, but the greater majority of their menu is just divine.


Homemade Tortellini

My favorite dish on their menu. Seriously, yum! The tortellini filling was heavy on the parmesan (which I love), and the prosciutto just made it all the more Italian (my favorite cuisine). A definite repeat order; that is, if ever I eat here again.


Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio


Rack of Lamb


Glazed Tiger Prawns


Grilled Tuna Steak

This was absolute perfection. The tangy flavors of the tomato fondue and the tapenade complemented the tuna very nicely, and eliminated its fishy taste completely. I’m not a fan of tuna, but this I will gladly have again.


Banana & White Chocolate Brulee

Way too tart. Not a lot of the banana flavor, and I hardly tasted any white chocolate, probably because of the citrus-overloaded sauce.


Orange Cheesecake


Homemade Sherbets

Do not be fooled by the colorful cuteness, people. We loathe and abhor this aberration of a dessert! Horrendously disgusting!


Valrhona Chocolate Souffle Cake

CAV is definitely one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve eaten at, which unfortunately shows exactly how limited my culinary experiences are. But I can definitely say that the experience was worth it, despite the definite strain on my unemployed budget. But we did have one criticism (aside from the dessert): the service royally sucked! We saw visions of figurative ice caps melting before each of our courses arrived. And it felt like light years before the servers heard our requests for ‘water’. I guess it should be expected; snooty place = snooty staff.


~ by iamnotfrodo on December 26, 2008.

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