It’s a Little Late But…

Happy new year! 🙂

See what the aftermath of the new year’s eve celebrations has brought upon our living room floor, as well as a couple of phone cam shots of fireworks I actually managed to snap.

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Let me be the first one to say, “Lame!”

Lol. My family’s not very big on celebrations, obviously. Which is why on New Year’s eve we usually just stay in Makati, dine out in one of the many nearby restauarants, and watch the amazing fireworks there while basking in the coziness of Greenbelt (thank you, Ayala). I dunno why this year though, we went to my grandpa’s at San Mateo. That’s right, in faraway rural Rizal. Seems my new year ain’t off to a good start. But enough of dissing my own family! That’s like breaking my fourth new year’s resolution already, dammit.

Anyway, here are my resolutions for 2009:

1. GET A JOB!!! Apparently, the Marketing industry despises me. It’s time for a reality check, bub, and just take whatever opportunity’s out there. Dreams? What dreams? Also, I wanna buy more stuff this year. I want a new cellphone, a laptop, and my first camera lens upgrade, maybe even an iPod/iTouch as well. Not to mention clothes and shoes and lots of other apparel stuff. So yeah, I definitely needs me some munnies. Again, dreams? What dreams? I’m selling myself out this year, baby. Anyone out there hiring?

2. Go to the gym more than once a week, ’cause obviously, once a week just don’t cut it. I mean, have I seen myself in the mirror lately? Yikes.

3. Use my condo’s pool facilities more. I’ve been to my condo’s pool, what, twice maybe thrice? In 3 years?? Besides, people have been mentioning how awfully pale I am these days. Fat and pasty white. Mmm, schmexy. No wonder I’m single.

4. Be more positive. I’ve been doing this since 2008’s last quarter, so it’s really more of a promised upkeep than one of change. It’s been hard, the urges are strong, but I think I’m getting there. And by this I mean I’m less sarcastic and critical of others. I also use less expletives, if that counts.

5. Read more books. I don’t have a lot going for me, so I wanna be thought of as well-read, even if reading bores the hell outta me sometimes. And I realize I can’t just stick to blogs riddled with self-deprecating humor and entertainment news channels for my sources of information. Since I don’t like to watch the news, or read newspapers or magazines, I wanna read more books instead, ones that might give me more insight on living life. Well, okay, the books I’ll pick up will probably be fiction novels, but that’s better than not reading at all, right? I’ve already committed myself to reading all the Neil Gaiman books I can get my hands on this year. Of course, buying books will cost money, and I don’t exactly get a steady paycheck, but I guess that’s just another motivation for me to settle for any decent well-paying job, right? Right??

6. See more movies. Last year, I saw 32 movies in cinemas, excluding the ones I saw in DVDs. I wanna keep that up this year. There’s another motivation to get a job, any job, yet again.

Well, that’s it so far. Will post if I think of more.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 3, 2009.

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