Myron’s Place (the restaurant located at Greenbelt 5) always had rave reviews from the people I asked about it, so I all but dragged my family there for our Christmas night dinner.

Here’s what we had. Please forgive the photos, I only used my cellphone’s camera.


Risotto Balls w/ Chorizo

(My second favorite dish out of all the stuff we ordered. Delicious, but kind of heavy as an appetizer. Of course, that may be because I was the only one who ate them. My family wasn’t a fan.)


Steamed Salmon w/ Pernod Sauce and Tomato Confit

(Tastes exactly what you would expect steamed fish to taste like. I was not a fan. *shivers*)


Grilled Mojito Chicken w/ Grilled Banana & Mango-Cilantro Rice

(I thought everything was overseasoned. Cilantro is such a powerful herb, that I don’t think it should be used in such quantities as they did with this dish. Also, I learned that mango and cilantro, not the best combination. The cilantro almost burns, and this contrasts a great deal with the cooling freshness of the mango. The chicken was also a little dry.)


Sliders: A Trio of US Angus Mini-burgers

(The ‘mini-ness’ of the burgers made for great presentation, but not for much else. They’re bland, to put it simply. Their Angus beef is what they were known for, our waiter said, which is why this dish is over 400 bucks. But yeah, bland. And not very juicy.)


Left: Affogato (Espresso on Montecado Ice Cream)

Right: Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding w/ Dark Caramel Ice Cream & Rum Sauce


(The affogato tastes like any affogato that I’ve ever had. I even like it better with plain old vanilla ice cream instead. But the bread pudding is OMG goodness. Seriously. It’s potent sweet tooth stuff, like the kind of stuff that’ll give you tonsilitis, but only after you’ve had and done with that OMG high. They’re really good individually as well. And together, they just meld into this caramely gooeyness that’s heavenly in the mouth… Yeah, that sounded rather gross. But I seriuosly swear by this dessert, just like Diamond Hotel’s Baked, a.k.a. OMG, Cheesecake.)

Overall, I’d say our experience at Myron’s Place was less than stellar. And I thought the setting could’ve been more intimate. I think dimmer lights will give it a moodier but classier ambience. They are, after all, rather pricey at around 400 bucks per dish.

Would I come back? It’s only a ‘maybe’ for me. Should that opportunity present itself, I’ll remember to only order the risotto balls and bread pudding. Incidentally, those are the dishes I recommend for this restaurant.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 3, 2009.

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