Tang(ing) Ina (Na)naman, Oh!


I know that it’s pretty much over, and I should’ve done it last week, but I wanna go see some Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) movies. They’re probably gonna suck, but my expectations are not high. And hey, I’m trying to be more positive this year, I’m thinking here’s a great way to start: Philippine Cinema.

Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat is another installment to the Star Cinema comedy hit Ang Tanging Ina sometime ago. This time around, Ina, played by Ai-Ai de las Alas, is accidentally thrust into the role of president of the Philippines, after the last one was assassinated by the vice president, and she won the snap election against him (is that actually legally plausible, is what I’d like to know). Ina now has to deal with the country’s problems as well as raising her many difficult children.


It wasn’t as laughter-filled as I thought it would be, but it did have its funny moments, I guess. For the most part though, I think it failed to deliver. Old jokes, old comedy routine, even old plotlines. The missing kids towards the end? That was exactly what happened in the first movie, if my memory serves me correct. There were also some plot lines that were left hanging, like the mysterious opposition. After Ina was elected, and some very minor involvement with one of her children, they were pretty much forgotten.

I thought it tried too hard to be more than the comedy that it was. The many dramatic scenes which involved Ai-Ai’s character Ina crying hysterically (I thought she was a good crier, despite everything), I found highly unnecessary. I guess that’s the only way they could think of to show that the main character had heart. And while that may have worked in the past, now I think it’s tired. People, even the “masa” types, have outgrown this kind of comedy, I think. They’ve moved on to more sophisticated tastes, even just a little bit.

Meanwhile, I think it should be mentioned that all the classic Star Cinema comedy tactics were evident in this movie. The obvious product sponsor promotion, or the subliminal gossiping about the actors’ true lives, like Heart Evangelista’s move to rival network GMA on why she didn’t reprise her role. They didn’t say it outright, but the audience isn’t stupid. Those were some of the funnier bits.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 3, 2009.

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