Any Takers??

Fall Out Boy has a concert in Araneta Colliseum this coming February 13! Fall Out Boy, my favorite band evah, Fall Out freakin’ Boy!!! I have to watch…


After missing their first concert, I’m determined to watch their next one, which happens to be next month! As always, however, I do find a few of problems that come with this:

1. I’m unemployed and broke. Of course, this is always easily resolved in my case.

2. I don’t know anyone who likes Fall Out Boy other than myself. So there’s no one to go with, and if I go alone, that would be really pathetic.

3. Should I find anyone who likes Fall Out Boy enough to go watch their concert, it still remains to be seen if that person would spend 3-5 grand on tickets, when he/she could just be spending that money on his/her lover the following day, which is Valentine’s Day.


My first major problem of the year. This bastard is sad, sad, sad. :’-(

Anyone out there wanna watch Fall Out Boy’s concert on Feb 13 with me? Anyone?


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 9, 2009.

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