I really have no time (iknowrite?) or creative energy to write fairly decent posts lately, hence the lack of material in this dying blog. But don’t worry, my one or two readers, French Fries & a Soda Drink hasn’t flatlined… yet.

Anyhoo, I’m just writing a quick post to get these very, very brief, and less critical (I’m trying to be more positive, remember?) January movie reviews down. January is, after all, almost at its end. I haven’t even gotten around to finishing my review of Fall Out Boy’s latest album Folie a Deux, for chrissakes! So even if they’re badly written (like the rest of this post), here they are (ugh, so lame).

Bedtime Stories – sweet and endearing, an honest-to-goodness kids’ movie. You can tell that Adam Sandler’s brand of comedy is strained here, for obvious reasons. Despite that very fact though, I would say that it was still effective as a family-oriented comedy. Although I did think Adam Sandler is too big an actor already to be doing these kinds of movies still, especially since Punch Drunk Love taught us he can actually act after all, and be pretty good at it too.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley – sort of idiotic, but had some effective “gulat” moments every now and then. I should say that it was your typical scary teen movie at best. The background music would sometimes overpower the actors’ voices, though. But that’s what added to the scare factor in this film, I guess. The biggest disappointment here was the ending for me. Did she… or didn’t she? And who exactly were those people? Was it even mentioned when the antagonists revealed their evil plot? ’cause I didn’t catch it. Ugh, whatev.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – seriously, this is an OMG film! I swear to god, everyone should go see this one. I’m even aready berrating myself for not seeing it sooner. Only halfway through the film, and it has escalated to my favorite movies of all time list, right next to Stranger Than Fiction (yes, I know I’m the only one who ever really liked that film). But Button is simply superb. I can’t even fathom why it didn’t sweep the Golden Globes. It was beautifully shot, and the screenplay was beautifully written. The acting was flawless, and the special effects were simply uncanny. It’s freakin’ awesome is what it is, yo! It’s the perfect movie for me. It had everything you could ever think to look for in a movie. And for the love of god, this movie made me effing cry! That’s right, I cried like a baby girl!

Okay, not really, but there was definite brimming around the lash lines, and my fingers were quite wet everytime I rubbed mah lids. Serioiusly, this movie is gold. Go watch it, if you haven’t already.

Bride Wars – don’t be fooled by its chick flick exterior, this film is a fun, entertaining movie to watch. Obviously, it’s not something you watch if you’re looking for anything substantial. But for something fun to pass the time with, this movie succeeds. Also, I thought Anne Hathaway shined in this movie, much more so than Kate Hudson.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 22, 2009.

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