I’m having a major Avatard moment!

Picking up where the last episodes left off (which was the eve of the invasion), the greatest cartoon series ever made, Avatar – The Legend of Aang, returns with new back-to-back episodes on Nick!

avatar-12 avatar-4 avatar-5

Mondays-Fridays, 5:30 PM, on Nickelodeon

In the first two episodes, most of the characters got new looks (I thought Appa’s armor was kewlest!), and we finally got to see some weird quirky-looking war vehicles and machines from people other than the Fire Nation (although they came out with new ones of their own as well).

I’ve watched it everyday, and so far, it’s pretty clear from the storylines that they’re gearing up for something major, which is the battle between Aang and Zuko’s father. But I think the illustrations could have been sharper and better-drawn. Backgrounds and sets look stunning, though.

What I don’t get is the network’s decision to show these back-to-back. there is, after all, only a few remaining chapters till the season finale. But my god, I bet that chapter’s gonna be epic! I’m expecting that it ends up as epic as the “Siege of the North” chapter in the first season. I’ve been restraining myself from browsing the internets for info about it, and all that waiting better be worth it!

Yes, I’m a total Avatard. Shaddup.


~ by iamnotfrodo on January 30, 2009.

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